Full iPad Mini 4 Keyboard Functionality in a Slim Book Case From ZAGG

ZAGG jumps on the Apple iPad Mini 4 cases bandwagon and introduces Slim Book – their view of how a modern keyboard tablet case should look like. The case is a true gem functionality wise, besides the keyboard, it can also be used as a durable folio. The built-in battery ensures the case will function up to 2 years between charges, providing unprecedented freedom. Unique integrated stand with a hinge offers multiple viewing angles, allowing the case to recline up to 135 degrees. And just like the majority of ZAGG cases, this one also comes with backlit keys for extra comfort.

About ZAGG:

What’s in a name? When the name is Phillip Chipping, a combination of ingenuity, inspiration, and irony. The year was 2005, and Phillip was working in his garage. He had been given a watch as a gift, and was determined to find a way to protect it from chips, nicks, and scratches. He found the solution in an amazingly durable film originally made to protect military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. A burst of inspiration and a few tweaks later and the first InvisibleShield design was made, and Zagg was born.

Figuring that if the film was strong enough to protect multi-million dollar helicopter blades, it was strong enough to protect personal audio device screens, Zagg InvisibleShield made its debut protecting the most popular audio device at the time: the Apple® iPod®. Word spread so quickly that Zagg couldn’t keep up with the demand and enlisted the help of a local youth group to help cut and send InvisibleShields to thousands of people across the nation. Eventually demand grew so much that Zagg began selling InvisibleShield around the world, building strong, best-in-class distribution. In a few short years, Zagg grew from that unassuming backyard workshop to being an industry leader.

While InvisibleShield established itself as the #1 selling screen protection, Zagg wanted to look at ways to not only protect mobile devices, but enhance them, as well. In 2010, Zagg pioneered Bluetooth®-enabled tablet keyboards, allowing consumers the option of using their tablet as a PC. Since then, Zagg continues to lead the way in keyboard design by introducing groundbreaking innovations such as an intuitive channel tablet stand, island-style keys, and special function keys. These advancements were so beneficial that they have now become industry standards. In March 2015, Zagg introduced the industry-first foldable Pocket keyboard for smart phones.

The next natural progression for Zagg was to broaden its focus to other categories, offering a full line of mobile accessories for its customers so that they have everything they need from screen protection to power to audio.

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