Native Union GRIPSTER Wrap Apple iPad 2/3/4 Folio

Maybe Tablet2Cases was just thrown a bit by the promotional material which makes the built-in hand strap feature seem larger than actually is. Or perhaps we expected the 6-fold cover design to actually, you know, serve as a Smart Cover-like tablet stand too much. Overreaction aside and pluses factored in, however, the Native Union GRIPSTER Wrap is ultimately a pretty darn good accessory for the Apple iPads.

Editor's Rating 

The 6-fold cover of the GRIPSTER Wrap folio case may appear to be an innovative riff on the SmartCover. But to be honest, we weren't exactly certain what the design is for. However, according to Native Union, they wanted a cover for protection but always found that it was always getting in the way when using the iPad. This inspired them to develop their patent-pending cover design (with a whopping 24 magnets inside) so that it rolls up neatly and secure when using your iPad tablet. And we like that this revised design actually works quite well. Plus, the multiple folds make a distinctive look and help somewhat with gripping the iPad while encased. The GRIPSTER's embedded magnets provide automatic sleep/wake function and a good strong, firm lock once the cover is closed shut. Unlike the original SmartCover, the panels here do not come together to create a tablet stand support. In place of this functionality, the Native Union folks include a handle feature and an easy-to-use dial on the backside which can lock the tablet in any of eight positions for in-hand display. Again, the GRIPSTER's "more intelligent" design factors in here as it allows full use of the hand-strap and 360-degree rotation without being bothered by the cover in any way. The GRIPSTER Wrap attempts to live up to the first part of the trade name by including an elasticized handstrap; while accompanying promotional material shows the strap easily accommodating a hand up to the palm, we’d be damned if anyone at Tablet2Cases could accomplish the feat – and we’re not exactly Thor-sized around here. However, Native Union has already addressed such concerns in latest models for the iPad Air and Mini


  • Unique patent-pending cover design
  • Sturdy magnetic cover locks
  • 360° rotation with eight lockable angles for display

    Overall: GOOD

      We don’t need mathematics or a complex scoring system to confirm what’s readily apparent from the go: The Native Union Gripster Wrap folio is a decently durable product with some unique function. Though the GRIPSTER Wrap doesn't really stand out as anything extraordinary, it is definitely a best case scenario for iPad owners who want an upgrade from their SmartCover or SmartCase.


          • Lightweight ABS plastic shell engineered to form-fit and protect the iPad
          • Cutouts for all buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera
          • Durable PU cover w/ 6-fold patent-pending wrap system
          • Magnetic locking cover
          • Automatic sleep/wake function
          • Cover conveniently folds back out of sight
          • Built-in multi-purpose handle feature
          • 360-degree rotation w/ 8 lockable positions
          • Supports a variety of display angles in landscape and portrait format
          • Built-in elasticized strap offers a more secure grip


                                                  Style Folio
                                                  Brand Native Union
                                                  Price Great Value $40-$79
                                                  Exterior Material  Plastic
                                                  Features Hand Strap, Handles, Screen Pivot, Sleep/Wake Cover, Stand Feature


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