WeirdOldSnail Organizes the iPad Mini 4 Life With a Felt Tablet Sleeve

It’s about time the Apple iPad Mini 4 received its very own Organizer from WeirdOldSnail. The ultra-popular tablet sleeve is handcrafted from double-layered wool felt offering impact protection on the outside and scratch safety on the inside. Besides the main tablet compartment the case also features a smaller pocket for accessories and other important stuff. The case is secured via high-quality Velcro lock keeping the sleeve shut when not in use. The case is big enough to fit any iPad Mini model with or without the Apple Smart Cover attached to them.

About WeirdOldSnail:
For me, snails represent the winter which is my favorite time of the year. When it starts to become a bit cold, you can see big & small snails around, moving from one place to the next. I like seeing them and I find them to be fascinating creatures.

weird.old.snail started a few years back, while working in big hi-tech company, doing something I didn't like, and feeling like something is missing in my life. At that time, I was looking for an alternative or a hobby, something to fill me with passion and curiosity. Then I remembered that I actually like to sew! To be honest, sewing was a part of my childhood as my mother and grandmother were both sewers, so I also practiced it a bit growing up. I started with small projects mainly for myself, and soon I was making cases and covers for friends and family.

From here on, Etsy was the next step. After a couple of years, I quit my day job and devoted my full time to my store. Having the chance to display my handmade products to the world, provides such a joy to me, it is priceless, and I thank god for finding Etsy that gave me this great opportunity.

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