Join the Dark Slim Side With the Tucano Tablet Bag for the iPad Pro

Tucano’s Dark Slim is already familiar with the happy owners of 12 and 13” MacBook Pro laptops. The manufacturer has just confirmed that the famed tablet bag is also a perfect fit for the very latest Apple iPad Pro. The case comes with a multitude of pockets both on the inside and the outside, allowing users to quickly and easily organize their belongings. The bag sports a semi-hard rear shell for extra protection, and sports an anti-slip system for more comfort during travel. The padded shoulder strap is both adjustable and removable making it a highly comfortable accessory.

About Tucano:

Our story begins in the hectic market of Milan during the 1980s, when the very air itself seemed full of promise. The city still inspires a desire to create, and every idea seems possible.In the 1980s, the digital revolution was just dawning.

This was where Tucano was born. The company looked closely at the rise of personal computing and saw an effectively virgin market. Tucano launched some products for carrying the first portable computer in history: the now-legendary Apple Macintosh Plus, designed by Steve Jobs and his team.

We are talking about a world of true pioneers, but Apple’s fans at the time took notice of Tucano and sales quickly rose. The focus on Apple products was therefore an early contribution to Tucano’s DNA.

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