Wrap Your iPad Pro In a Beautiful Black Alcantra Tablet Sleeve

Wrappers presented their vision of how the Apple iPad Pro case should look like. The Alcantra Black features beautiful Italian design, and is crafted from soft, tactile Alcantra leather, which both protects the tablet from damage and delivers luxurious looks. The case is big enough to accommodate the tablet with or without the Smart Cover attached to it. The tablet sleeve also sports 3mm of closed cell foam padding for extra protection. Black microfiber lining provides excellent scratch and smudge protection.

About Wrappers:

Wrappers started making natural fabric sleeves for Apple's black MacBook in 2006. There was not a lot available at that time to keep your MacBook pristine, other than synthetic covers, which with daily use did not wear very well.

Orders for our natural linen sleeves grew by word of mouth and over the years style editors and tech journalists have featured our products in round up's of what's best in accessories for tech you hold.

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