Linen and Birch Serve and Protect the iPad Pro In the Pad & Quill Case

Pad & Quill got serious about protecting the Apple iPad Pro and launched the third case this week – Contega Linen. Owners of other Cupertino devices may be familiar with this line of book tablet cases, in fact, it has been quite popular with iPad Mini users. The case is crafted from premium buckrum linen and Baltic birch wooden combination providing the tablet with utmost protection from bumps and bruises. Specifically designed sound channels direct music right at the user, while a quality built-in stand delivers multiple angles. The cover comes with built-in magnets activating the sleep/wake functionality. Elastic strap lock keeps the case closed during travel.

About Pad & Quill:

As a couple, when we entered the world of e-commerce and begin hearing from various consultants the conversation eventually leads to dropping the name of “a guy” they have overseas who can mass produce our product with ok materials and pseudo craftsmanship, while guaranteeing great margins. There is a prolific market for cheap crap, as non discerning consumers push for more and more. While business can be built within this paradigm, it’s not building with impunity.

At Pad & Quill, we don’t merely want to shift the paradigm, we mean to blow it up. We don’t think the market needs another purveyor of cheap crap. Quite the opposite. We think there are folks out there who have the same sense of awe as we do when they behold a beautiful thing. Who marvel at how a handful of seeds can become a majestic stand of Baltic Birch, that are then transformed, in artisan hands, into a gorgeous, organic product. There are friends who share our sense of adventure and love to have a bag they pull from their closet with 15 years of travel written upon it, and miles to go. Pad and Quill products will never resemble a trinket pulled from a fast food bag. Our products will excite your senses, carry your dreams and inspire your sense of authenticity.

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