Disguise Your Tablet as a Common Notebook With the Booki Case

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Booki is a recently launched book tablet case which serves dual purpose: protecting tablets from impacts and bumps, and minimizing the risk of theft by disguising itself as an ordinary notebook. The case is compatible with a wide selection of devices and comes in four sizes: catering to 7, 8, 9, and 10” tablet devices. The manufacturer even allows buyers to customize their cases by printing a high resolution picture of their choice and putting it on the front cover after laminating it with microtextured material ensuring longevity. The tablet is safeguarded from all sides, but special airways prevent it from overheating inside the case.

About Booki:

Launched this year in Medellin, Colombia, Booki deals in marketing of accessories for tablets, smartphones and laptops. Among their products are stands for tablets, and cases designed as "notebook" or "agenda" to camouflage and protect your tablets and smartphones.

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