Cork and Wool Felt Keep Your iPad Mini 4 Safe In HeyLoveBag Envelope

HeyLoveBag mixes two environmentally friendly materials together to make a simple, yet highly protective envelope tablet case. The Cork Case is compatible with all Apple tablet sizes such as the iPad 2-4, iPad Airs, and iPad Minis including the latest Apple iPad Mini 4. It also comes in laptop sizes and can accommodate tablet from other manufacturers as well. The wool felt creates a safe home for the device, while cork inserts focus on shielding the most vulnerable parts of the case. Classic string and button lock keeps the case securely fastened when not in use. Besides the main tablet compartment the case comes with a couple of interior pocket big enough to fit a bunch of accessories and documents as well as a stylus holder on the side.

About HeyLoveBag:

HeyLoveBag offer sustainable and organic cork felt material, because sustainability is a big issue that concerns all of our responsibility. Hope the earth situation will be improved with both you and I effort.

Our goal is to provide a large selection of cork bag to customers by our exquisite craftsmanship. We will and always will be listen to your voice, and personalize it. We are willing to waken up the design ideas from the buttom of our heart come true, to turn into every unique and fashionable real bags.

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