Get Your iPad Pro a Smart Buddy With a New SwitchEasy Tablet Shell

The Apple iPad Pro gets even smarter with the brand new accessory from SwitchEasy. The CoverBuddy is their newest project, currently over half-way funded on Indiegogo. The case is basically a tablet shell with a clever Apple Pencil holder, which also doubles up as a small stand elevating the tablet just enough to offer a typing angle. Another great feature of the case is its compatibility with Apple Smart Keyboard, and an array of interchangeable parts allowing a variety of uses.

About SwitchEasy:

SwitchEasy was first conceived in January 2005 to create the best accessories for computer products. We knew then that as time went on, the way people accessed the web and communicated with each other would be changing. The days of bulky desktop PCs were coming to an end. Instead of laptops, more people began using their phones to connect to the internet. With the smash success of the iPhone, a need for attractive iPhone cases began to grow. Not only did the cases protect customers' devices, but they added a sense of uniqueness to each phone.

Our mission is to provide more reasons for PC users to "Switch" to a better digital lifestyle through our innovative little add-ons. That is why we have chosen the name "SwitchEasy" as our trademark. We love what we produce and we hope you'll love our products as well! Stay tuned for more surprises from us in the near future! For inquiries, contact us by here, feel free to write us anytime!

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