Top 5 Tablet Cases as Christmas Presents for Boys and Girls

While many kids might find tablet devices under the tree this year, many of them already have and iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, there are always enough gift ideas for the tablets starting from various accessories and, of course, all the way down to tablet cases.

Kids cases are not simple tablet play cases, nowadays they serve lots of purposes: they can assist in education, ensure the table stays say no matter what the little devils put it through, and ,of course, they can also serve as fashion items for boys and girls.

Let’s take a look then on the best tablet cases available out there, which can serve as Christmas gifts for the little ones.

1. Cooper Trooper Universal Drop Proof Rugged Case for Tablets

Designed to fit a wide variety of tablet devices, the Cooper Trooper manages to combine the toughest impact protection with great looks and multi-functionality. Equally suitable for children and adults, the rugged tablet case will win many hearts of boys and girls thanks to its unusual looks.

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Pricefrom $19.95

2. Cooper Boombox Apple iPad 2/3/4 Kids Play Case w/ Bluetooth Speakers

Are your kids into music already? The Cooper Boombox is designed to bring many happy hours listening to their favorite records thanks to unique Bluetooth pairing system. The play tablet case isn’t just a speaker, it’s rigid materials offer great impact protection and a convenient handle on top provides a safe and secure way to carry the device.

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Pricefrom $31.45

3. Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case for all Apple iPads

A champion among kids case, the Dynamo from Cooper Cases is available in a variety of sizes to fit different tablets. All-round protection, superb functionality through a double action handle, which also serves as a tablet stand, and kid-safe materials – all this is delivered in a variety of color options.

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Pricefrom $15.95

4. Cooper Bounce Samsung Galaxy Tab Rugged Shell

The Samsung Galaxy Tab specific Cooper Bounce, provides excellent everyday protection. But it doesn’t stop there and thanks to its unique material also offers a heightened grip on the device. The sides and corners of the tablet shell have been reinforced to offer even more protection, tough enough to even withstand smaller drops.

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Pricefrom $12.45

5. Cooper Grabster Rugged Kids Play Case for Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 & iPad Air 1/2

The Cooper Grabster is one of those all-in-one cases combining ultimate impact and drop protection with the ease of use. EVA foam material is 100% kid-safe, and besides offering high levels of protection also delivers superior grip. Four handle-like openings on each side deliver a variety of ways to carry the case.

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Pricefrom $18.95
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