Top 5 Tablet Cases as Christmas Presents for Husbands and Wives

This is the best time of the year to give your significant other a nice gift. And if you’ve already given each other those iPad Minis this Valentine’s Day, it’s high time to think about protection, for your tablets that is.

Techy gadgets and their accessories have become some of the most favorite Christmas presents and this year is no different. Buying a tablet case for your husband and wife could save you hours and days of looking for the right gift, not to mention, that the tablet in question will certainly be happy.

Let’s take a look then on the best tablet cases available out there, which can serve as Christmas gifts for wives and husbands.

1. Happy Owl Studio The Clutch Portfolio Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4

The Clutch designed by Happy Owl Studio is a perfect Christmas gift for a modern wife. This portfolio tablet case was designed for the “big” iPads, but will also fit other similarly sized devices. The case comes with multiple pockets and slots allowing users to easily organize their mobile lives.

BUY Happy Owl Studio The Clutch

Pricefrom $39.95

2. Sherpa Carry Magnetic Folio Case with Shoulder Strap for all Apple iPads

The Magnetic Folio Case from Sherpa Carry can easily become THE gift for many husband around the world this year. The case comes in a wide variety of sizes available for all iPad models including the very latest Apple iPad Pro. The folio tablet case covers the device from all sides offering ultimate protection, but its adjustable shoulder strap and one-of-a-kind tablet stand function turn the case into a truly mobile workstation.

BUY Sherpa Carry Magnetic Folio Case

Pricefrom $49.95

3. Cooper Envelope Universal Business Sleeve for iPad & 7" - 10.1" - 13" tablets

The Cooper Envelope is a simple and quite inexpensive gift idea for any modern woman. Universally compatible with 7-8”, 9-10”, and 11-13” tablet devices this tablet sleeve combines minimalist design with full functionality and decent impact protection. The case comes with extra pockets on the inside and the outside, besides the main tablet compartment that is. Classic flap closure features built-in magnetic lock to keep the case secured during travel.

BUY Cooper Envelope

Pricefrom $16.95

4. Pelican ProGear CE2180/CE3180 Vault Series Rugged Case for iPad Air & iPad Mini

The ProGear Vault Series from Pelican is the ultimate rugged tablet case available in the iPad Air or iPad Mini sizes. If you husband needs to keep his tablet safe during frequent outdoor outings, like fishing, hunting, or hiking trips – this case is the obvious choice. Superior impact protection, and waterproof capabilities have been upgraded with an adjustable cover, which offers hands-free use. Despite all-round protection, the case offers free access to all ports and buttons, and comes with a life-time guarantee from the maker.

BUY Pelican ProGear Vault Series

Pricefrom $109.95

5. Cooper FolderTab Executive Leather Portfolio Case with Notepad for all Apple iPads & 7-10" Tablets

The FolderTab from Cooper Cases is another example of a great portfolio tablet case available in a variety of Apple sizes including the one for the latest Apple iPad Mini 4. The case can make a great gift for any husband, regardless of his job description. Besides accommodating the tablet and some cards in a special slot, the case comes with full-blown notepad, with refillable paper and a binder.

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Pricefrom $29.95
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