Personalize Your iPad Mini 4 Case With Leather Folio From ExtraStudio

The Personalized Leather Case from ExtraStudio is one of the simplest, yet highly attractive folio tablet cases to have been introduced this season. The accessory comes in a variety of sizes including one for almost every Apple iPad, and yes, there’s an Apple iPad Mini 4 version as well. The case is hand crafted from premium leather and is treated with water-repellant wax. However, it’s main attraction is in the personalization option, which offers up to 6 capital letters in Helvetica font.

About ExtraStudio:

I was a magazine editor in Beijing for many years but my real passion is in handcraft. I love the progress of turning the original materials into an ideal product.

My favorite material is leather. I use vegetable tanned leather most of time. They can become darker and beautiful with days passing by. I decided to found my own brand now. I hope you love my works.

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