The iPad Pro Enjoys Cote d’Azur Life With Noreve Leather Envelope Case

The guys from Saint-Tropez are no longer lagging behind in the Apple iPad Pro case race after they’ve released the Leather Case. The latest version of Noreve signature accessory is handmade from top-notch leather offering not only luxurious looks, but the utmost quality as well thanks to the hand-crafted nature of production. The envelope tablet case delivers a slim and lightweight design, but comes with a layer of padding for extra protection. There’s a small cutout on top allowing easy device removal, and another on one side to allow charging cable access. The insides are lined with soft material embossed with Noreve logo. There’s a bunch of leather kinds to choose from, and buyers are also free to select which external and internal color they want.

About Noreve:

Noreve is an authentic label anchored in tropézienne elegance and sensuality and loyal to the artistic spirit or the emblematic capital of glamour.

Noreve is not satisfied with a reputation built on “Do you Saint-Tropez”. With its belief in using craftsmen, its expertise in the South of France, its exclusive product range and exceptional creations, Noreve has the good taste of the latest trends, exacting and demanding perfection. Everything is based on quality: from the point of view of the materials it uses, Noreve has a reputation for using quality leathers, quality moulds and exceptional cutting techniques. In terms of service, Noreve Saint-Tropez concentrates on providing a reactive and courteous Customer Sales department.

Liking what is beautiful, refinement in accessories. Reflecting the absolute promise of this radiant town, each creation, each range, each collection and each detail with the Noreve mark means luxury, naturalness and creativity. Noreve creates dreams for original and demanding customers who deserve the best quality.

Noreve provokes desire. With materials which speak to body and soul, inspirational and sensual forms, ergonomic products fluid and classy, Noreve cultivates the art of the object, radiant, sublime and resplendent. Noreve's logo was not designed by chance: the moon protects the tropézien sun, a subtle metaphor which illustrates a cover protecting your mobile device. Some may even see a boule de pétanque hiding the cochonnet during a legendary game in the famous place des Lices!

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