Unique Appearance and Great Functionality – HeyLoveBag Envelope Case

HeyLoveBag has a wonderful envelope tablet case on offer compatible with a wide variety of tablet devices from the iPad Air to the very latest Apple iPad Mini 4. There are also larger, MacBook Pro compatible sizes. The case is crafted from a mix of wool felt for soft, yet durable protection, and cork material at the most vulnerable parts. There’s also a metal button lock crowning the classic tab closure. Besides the main compartment there’s a smaller pocket on the back for a smartphone and some accessories. The case also sports a couple of pen or stylus holders and a convenient buttoned ring for the headphones. There’s also an option to personalize the case with a small tab.

About HeyLoveBag:

Life is always beyond our expectation. After graduating from university, I thought I would have a decent job with well-paid in the high building, work hard, and then comes promotion until retired. Well, it did goes well as planed. After several years working experience, even though my life is very stable but also boring. Sometimes I don't know what meaningful things should I do in the weekend. Everyday get up experiencing traffice jam on the road, and take part in the endless meetings. Sometimes I wonder what else can I do apart from this job?

One of my friend asked me to go shopping on the handmade platform ETSY, I found everything there is such amazing, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy handmade customized stuff. After a while, I tried to DIY some bags as a gift to friends. And I couldn't forget the screaming delight when they saw it. And also, many friends' friend begin to come up to me, and asked me to customized bags to them.

For me, I am proud to see every little stuff turn into a special bag by my hand. With more compliments and encouragement from friends, I begin to have a try in ETSY. So now I open a store for laptop sleeve, hope my handmade bags can spread all over the world. If I have up to 1000 sales, I will quit my job and devoted to design more interesting products.

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