Classic Leather Sleeve for the iPad Pro Designed By HarberLondon

HarberLondon have another great accessory for the lucky Apple iPad Pro owners. The new tablet sleeve brings a combination of classic looks and premium leather and wool materials. The genuine leather exterior will provide decent protection from bumps and bruises, while soft wool interior will deliver great scratch and smudge protection. The iPad Pro Leather Sleeve was designed for Cupertino’s latest tech wonder specifically, meaning a tight fit with minimal risk of tablet slipping out. At the same time the large top opening ensures immediate access to the device whenever it’s needed.

About HarberLondon:

We founded our brand in late 2013, in our small flat in London. Our intention was simple; after disappointing shopping and product experiences, we wanted to create that one brand we, as customers would love to buy from.

Although our objectives were clear-cut in our minds, we had no business experience and made lots (and lots!) of mistakes along the way, with the vision to create the ultimate product and an equally excellent buying experience. We based every decision on what we felt was right, working endless long days, late nights, made hundreds of product samples and sketched thousands of products designs (on the tube, spread across our bedroom floors- you name it, we've done it).

And then the adventure began. Travelling one city to the next in search for the best premium leathers we could see, touch and smell, to meeting the best artisans Europe-wide, and late night sore eyed researching every detail about varying leather qualities and tanning processes, until we could finally stitch together every piece of the puzzle to present to you now.

We love what we do and we do what we love; it has been one of the most difficult things we have ever done, but absolutely the most rewarding and exhilarating. So much care, attention and love has been invested into every product we offer; for us each piece is personal and we hope you make it yours, just the way we have made it ours. This is the Harber: our personality, our constant strive to deliver, our passion to continually evolve with a view to bring the best of the best, and enjoying every step of the way.

We are here to provide the most premium personal, dynamic, functional products, for personal, dynamic, functional people. Make it yours.

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