Feel it if You Can – Peel Super Thin Tablet Shell for the iPad Airs

The Super Thin from Peel is indeed an extremely thin tablet accessory available for both Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2. The tablet shell is crafted from durable PU material providing decent protection to the sides and back of the devices, and at the same time offering open access to all ports and buttons. Perfect design offers tight fit around the tablet and full compatibility with Appel Smart Cover further increases the case’s functionality. Crystal clear looks of the case keep the beautiful iPad design unharmed.

About Peel:

We believe something magical happens when you keep the band together for the long haul. We’re creating many products that solve simple problems. Why? We’re creative people by nature who thrive by constantly building.

One reality when starting a company is that not everything will work. We’ve built a model that embraces this. We’re profitable, but if something ever went south, we have the capital from other ventures to persist through time. We’re building to last.

We were originally based in San Francisco, but made the deliberate decision to relocate the company to downtown St. Louis. None of our founders are from here – it was purely a business decision based on talent needs, costs, and quality of life. We believe St. Louis is a hidden gem for starting a company.

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