Enrich Your Tablet’s Ergonomics With the Tabulate Tablet Shell

Devansh Shah and a group of his partners have launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring us a brand new take on a tablet shell. The Tabulate is designed for a wide range of tablets and will even be available for some of the most popular smartphones too. It promises to revolutionize the ergonomics of any device by making it more user-friendly. A hard outer shell provides extreme protection for the sides and corners of the device, while unique strap covered back brings the tablet’s functionality to a whole new level. There are over 15 colors and strap designs to choose from making each Tabulate a unique accessory. The straps on the back are great not only for grabbing the case, they can also fit a bunch of accessories or everyday items. The case will come with lots of attachment options including a hook, a tablet stand, and more.

About Devansh Shah:

I studied mechanical engineering at Purdue University, Indiana. Then I studied Industrial and Product Design in Singapore. Designed speakers, light switches, furniture and tablets over the next four years. Now that I know how to get things made. I'm here to make for you.

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