Just Mobile Heals the iPad Pro Wounds With TENC Self-healing Shell

Just Mobile presented the Apple iPad Pro version of TENC – a tablet shell case, which they call the most advanced self-healing case. And, indeed, the case is made from a unique auto-healing material and fits the largest Cupertino tablet perfectly. The shell offers a relatively small layer of protection, but thanks to its self-mending capabilities it’s ready to be subject to daily scratching and bumping. All ports and buttons are open to direct access, and the case is perfectly compatible with both the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard.

About Just Mobile:

Just Mobile started life in 2005 with a simple mission: to create the most stylish mobile accessories in the world. Back in 2005, that meant making stuff for Windows Mobile phones.

Then the iPhone arrived and we fell head-over-heels in love. We put all our old projects aside, and began work on creating the most beautiful possible stand to show off Apple’s little wonder. The result was the Xtand™ – it won a bunch of awards and, more importantly, took pride of place on the desks of thousands of iPhone fans. We’ve never looked back.

These days, the Just Mobile collection includes over 30 product lines, many of which have won prestigious awards, and we sell premium accessories in every major market in the world - including The Apple Store and even the MoMA design store. Our design objects range from AluPen - the iconic tablet stylus - to the Gum family of stylish backup batteries for iPhones and iPads. And we are constantly challenging ourselves to create the next must-have accessory.

From our design teams in Europe to our bespoke manufacturing facility in Taiwan, everything that we do is guided by our vision to unify form and function – and then sprinkle a little joy on top. Because that’s the best way we can think of to create iconic accessories suitable for iconic products: accessories for life.

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