Find the tablet cases written in the stars: items that match each zodiac sign! PART 2/2

As the countdown to Valentine's Day has started, so does the stress to find that special gift for your partner. If you find yourself in lack of ideas, trust the stars! Your love is a match made in heaven, we say tablets and cases are too! ♥



It’s not easy to balance things off for the best of everyone, but who’s best to do it than a Libra? Masters of analyzing and processing lots of information, Libras are great advisers both for work matters and relationships, no wonder they are a key member of any work team or group of friends. They aspire for their well-being and of the ones around them, which makes communication a really important asset for Libras.

A Libra can balance of their shoulder the Bluelounge Bonobo Sling Bag all through their day, either for work or social events. It’s practical and looks great!


BUY Bluelounge Bonobo Sling Bag
PRICE $99.95 $44.95


A Cooper Fair Bluetooth Keyboard is a perfect accessory for a communicative Libra, easily spreading out their thoughts and also taking notes. The colors are as bright as their ideas and personality.

BUY Cooper Fair Bluetooth Keyboard
PRICE $49.95 $24.95


Scorpios master the process and go for the win. Scorpios are fearless and deep thinkers, which brings them much advantage. You can be surprised by a Scorpio - how much they know and how well they can take control, and while doing so, leaving everyone thinking it’s all natural.

The HappyOwl Studio Clutch Portofolio Case is the type of case that looks fabulous, but inside is well organized. Plus, the great red color says nothing but ambition.

How do Scorpios remember so much information about everything and they are always one step ahead? Their secret might be a tiny device that helps them get it all together like the Cooper Remote Universal Wireless Keyboard.

BUY Cooper Remote Universal Wireless Keyboard and Controller
PRICE $30.45



Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pick the brains of Sagittarius! They think about a variety of subjects and they don’t stop at the surface, they dig deeper and any conversation with them is intriguing. A knowledgeable Sagittarius is impressive at work and after office hours, and their big brains makes them attractive, if not irresistible!

The Mujjo Original Collection Envelope Case is so beautiful it’s like handmade in heaven, harmony between practical and aesthetic. it's as mesmerizing as the charming Sagittarius.

BUY Mujjo Original Collection Envelope Case
PRICE $69.95 $53.45


Knowledge doesn’t come from standing in one spot, a Sagittarius will wander and meet people and explore places, so a small foldable keyboard like the Cooper Optimus Universal Tablet Collapsible Bluetooth Keyboard is a great tool.

BUY Cooper Optimus Universal Tablet Collapsible Bluetooth Keyboard
PRICE $71.95 $49.95


Who’s the one putting the extra time and going the extra mile? It’s probably a Capricorn. They are hard workers with high standards and this reflects in their work life as well as their romantic life. The Capricorn is organized, efficient and diligent, and such characteristics can only be admired and supported.

Professional and organized like a Capricorn, the Cooper FolderTab Executive Leather Portofolio represents these values perfectly.

BUY Cooper FolderTab Executive Leather Portofolio
PRICE from $49.95


Better not let all those ideas and deep thoughts be lost, Capricorns can write them down as fast as they pass the mind with the Cooper B1 mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.

BUY Cooper B1 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
PRICE $28.45 $22.95


Aquarius can be best described by one word: original. Aquarius look forward to the future, they like to be one step in front of everyone, they embrace change; they appreciate, and strive for, innovation. So Aquarius have the latest technology to be always in touch with what’s going on.

The latest in organizational style case is the Cocoon Grid It Universal Sleeve Organizer, a great visual impact, practical and a mechanism the Aquarius sharp mind would definitely appreciate.

BUY Cocoon Grid It Universal Sleeve Organizer
PRICE $29.95


News travel fast, information is precious and Aquarius are always on top of everything. A slick looking keyboard like the Cooper Aurora gives Aquarius the freedom to be fast and efficient. 

BUY Cooper Aurora Wireless Bluetooth LED Keyboard
PRICE $62.95 $39.45


Pisces although they are last, they're certainly not least. The advantage of Pisces is that they incorporate the best from all the other signs. Pieces do everything with their heart, their emotions are deep and honest, making them a great companion. They are generous, emphatic and compassionate, and best of all, they act up and help by taking action.

The Reboon Booncover Universal Tablet Folio Case has a stunning shade of blue, like the water which represents their sign. 


BUY Reboon Booncover Universal Tablet Folio
PRICE from $46.95


The Uniq Go Universal Voyager Travel Organizer 9-10" Universal Tablet Portfolio Sleeve is soft and has a light feel of premium vegan leather, like the emotional and caring Pieces. And like the animal that represents this sign, it's bound to swim the deepest waters and explore the world, a travel sleeve is a must-have.

BUY Uniq Go Universal Voyager Travel Organizer 9-10" Universal Tablet Portfolio Sleeve
PRICE $49.00



Tell us in the comments your zodiac sign and which item is a match made in heaven for your tablet! ♥
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