Dear gentlemen, a kind reminder... Women's Day is soon!

Even though there’s quite some time left until this year’s Women’s Day, we all know how forgetful men can be. That’s why we’re here to remind them to get their act together and start thinking about what they are going to get their significant other.

Tablet2Cases have prepared a list of 10 tablet cases, which were designed to make life of any woman easier, at the same time offering stunning looks and decent levels of protection. Our choices will match a variety of daily outfits and lifestyles. With prices ranging from under $10 all the way up to $100 anyone can select a gift tailored to their budget.

Let’s take a look at our selection of the best tablet cases as gift ideas for Women’s Day.

1. Cooper Infinite S360 Rotating Universal Folio for 7-8” / 9-10" Tablets

Taking daily productivity to the next level, the Infinite S360 from Cooper Cases will become best friends with any busy woman and her tablet. The folio tablet case is available in a range of colors and two sizes: universally compatible with 7-8” and 9-10” devices.

BUY Cooper Infinite S360

Pricefrom $9.95

2. Cooper Envelope Universal Business Sleeve for iPad & 7" - 10.1" - 13" tablets

A simple, yet highly functional and durable Cooper Envelope looks not much far from an everyday clutch. The tablet sleeve comes in three sizes to fit any tablet devices within 7-8”, 9-10”, and 11-13” size categories. Zippered back pocket is great for important documents and smartphones.

BUY Cooper Envelope

Pricefrom $14.95

3. Cooper Power Card Pro Universal Powerbank for Tablets and Smartphones

Universal solution for those women, who are looking to juice up their smartphones and tablets on-the-go, the Cooper Power Card Pro delivers smart looks and slim construction. Fits in most wallets and, of course, purses and charges any MicroUSB compatible device with its built-in power output eliminating the need for extra cables.

BUY Cooper Power Card Pro

Pricefrom $15.95

4. Cooper Magic Carry Universal Folio with Shoulder Strap for 7-8" / 9-10.1" / 11-12" Tablets

The Cooper Magic Carry is a highly versatile folio tablet case, which comes with a built-in shoulder strap offering a variety of ways to carry it around. The case comes in three different sizes and combines stylish appearances with multi-functionality.

BUY Cooper Magic Carry

Pricefrom $20.95

5. Cooper FolderTab Executive Leather Portfolio Case with Notepad for all Apple iPads & 7-10" Tablets

The main advantage of Cooper FolderTab over its competitors is, naturally, its built-in notepad, which can be replenished with fresh pages at any time. The case fits all “big” iPads and is also available in other sizes for up to 10” devices. It’s perfect for a busy businesswoman who values her time.

BUY Cooper FolderTab

Pricefrom $29.95

6. Happy Owl Studio The Clutch Portfolio Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4

The Clutch from Happy Owl Studio is a truly all-in-one solution for busy female executives. Besides fitting iPad 2-4 in a dedicated pouch, the case comes with a variety of pockets and slots to organize daily necessities, but looks like a luxurious clutch on the outside.

BUY Happy Owl Studio The Clutch

Pricefrom $39.95

7. Cooper Aurora Wireless Bluetooth LED Keyboard for Tablets & Mobile Devices

A compact and lightweight keyboard tablet case from Cooper Cases delivers instant typing convenience anywhere. Compatible with almost every tablet out there Aurora will most certainly suit any woman who likes to type away be that for work or for pleasure.

BUY Cooper Aurora

Pricefrom $39.45

8. Cocoon Graphit Sleeve w/ Organizer Pocket for 7-8" & 9-10" Tablets

The Cocoon Graphit is a neat organizing pouch, which comes in a variety of sizes from iPad Minis all the way up to 10” tablets. It offers a unique way to store daily necessities, and thanks to its compact size will certainly become a favorite among women.

BUY Cocoon Graphit

Pricefrom $49.95

9. Mujjo Slim Fit Leather Sleeve for Apple iPad Air 1/2 & Mini 1/2/3/4

Clean, minimalist design, genuine leather construction, and luxurious appearance make Mujjo Slim Fit one of the best presents for women out there. The tablet sleeve is available for iPad Minis and iPad Airs and features a small pocket besides the main tablet compartment.

BUY Mujjo Slim Fit

Pricefrom $74.95

10. Germanmade G.1 Wood Book Case for Apple iPad

A high-quality book tablet case, Germanmade G.1 comes in iPad Mini, iPad 2-4, and iPad Air sizes and delivers stunning looks coupled with the highest standards of casemaking. Extra durable protection and versatile functionality make it a true winner among thousands of other cases.

BUY Germanmade G.1

Pricefrom $79.95
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