iPad Pro Enters the World of Felt Bags With a Men’s Briefcase

FeltBagWorld are back with a wonderful tablet bag – Men’s Briefcase. It’s very hard to decide if it’s a briefcase, a tablet folio, or a laptop bag. One thing for sure – the case is versatile as hell and provided its durable construction from felt and leather – it’s highly prone to impacts and dents as well. The case comes in a variety of sizes and can fit anything from 11” laptops and Apple iPad Pro to 18” notebooks. The bag sports two main interior compartments, both keeping the contents safe from bumps, bruises, and scratches. Classic hardware locks keep the case secured during travel and leather handle provides extra comfort.

About FeltBagWorld:

When the sun rises in the morning, I’m sitting besides the computer looking at yesterday’s customer orders. This is the beginning of a day's work, then according to the customer's order of the various styles, I carry out design drawing, cutting, and finally our colleague Lina does the sewing.

We custom-make all kinds of bags the shop. With the advent of computing, laptop bags, tablet and laptop briefcase demand is more and more pressing, now people enjoy unique and personalized custom accessories, this work is very interesting.

Now I put the products of our design and custom business to Etsy, I feel Etsy is a good platform, it makes more sense, let us work to sell the products to all over the world and can get to know friends from all over the world, I like to make friends! Also hope dear friends will like me and my work.

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