3 Tablet Photo Taking Apps You Will Love


Tablets and smartphones have made taking photos much easier. Not only that, but they have enabled us to create photos that are on par with that of a professional photographer. They do this by providing a built in camera and wealth of downloadable apps to build photographic works of art. Check out 3 of the best apps to take and edit photos right on a tablet or smartphone.




With more than 2 milion effect combinations, PIXLR is one of the most diverse photo taking apps on the market. Choose an effect before capturing a photo, or edit the photo once it is taken to get the best photo possible. Remove blemishes, whiten teeth and reduce red eye right in the app for flawless selfies every time. Layer photos, add text overlays or try different color effects then share your them with your friends right in PIXLR. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.



Camera MX 3.0


Specifically designed for Android, Camera MX creates unique high quality photos and videos. Live Shots, creates photos that move, making animated images that can be shared with friends or saved into separate photos. Choose from a range of filters, overlays and frames, before taking your photo. Save pictures to the media manager and have access to them at all times or delete unloved images. Share photos on a variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Camera MX is free and available in the Google Play store.





Lensical has fun with photography. Choose an aspect ratio and adjust lighting before taking the photo. Then edit it in exciting and interesting ways. Add mustaches and beards, age the face or make the subject bald! Not feeling so funny? Make the photo beautiful with a paint filter or texture add on. Save images and share it with friends on social media, through text message and even email. Lensical is free and available for iOS.



Create photographic works of art or funny selfies with these 3 photo taking apps for tablet or smartphone and make the most of your built in camera. Have a picture taking app you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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