Everyday Accessories that Enhance Every Tablet

Tablet and smartphone accessories

Accessories have the power to give you the most out of your tablet or smartphone. They can turn your tablet into a computer, stereo system, or GPS, with no effort needed. Check out some of the best accessories to do just that!

Cooper Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Cooper Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs


Price from $9.95

Never worry about your screen cracking again with Cooper’s tempered glass protector available for a variety of tablet models. You can easily apply it to your screen yourself, eliminating a trip to the Genius Bar or Geek Squad! It features a 6 layer structure that is dust and scratch proof, as well as a smudge free coating. The installation kit includes, cleaning wipes and dust removal tape for easy, bubble-free application.



Cooper Magic Wand Universal
Bluetooth Keyboard & Remote Controller



Price $31.45

As far as universal controllers go the Magic Wand is one of a few that truly puts technology at your mercy. The super useful touchpad/keyboard combo syncs via Bluetooth allowing you to easily control devices ranging from your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV or PC+TV setup. It is compact and features a QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad and shortcut keys. 


Cooper Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Price $39.95

An issue with many tablets is that their speakers are located in a place that does not direct sound flow toward the user. Or the speakers are weak and don’t produce enough sound. The Cooper Cases Bass is a nifty add-on accessory that will enhance the sound that emanates from your device. 

It pairs instantly with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet (version 3.0 and earlier). Or, for older devices, connects via the built-in 3.5mm auxiliary jack. It can connect in distances up to 20 meters and features a touchscreen and hands-free phone capabilities. 


Joyroom Iron Series D106
10000mAh Portable Power Bank



Price $19.95

The Joyroom Iron Series is a portable power bank that can fully charge your tablet once or smartphone 4 times. It features two USB ports, allowing for multiple devices to be charged at once and an LED light power indicator. The 4 lights shows just how much juice is left in the powerbank, letting you know when it needs charged. It is small and can easily fit in a bag, backpack or pocket. 


IHolder Universal Tablet &
Smartphone Holder Mount Kit



Price $9.95

The iHolder offers an inexpensive solution to mount your phone and tablet devices onto a wall, without the need for tools! This easy-to-install accessory uses quality adhesive backers that give you the freedom to display your hand-held devices around the home and office. It is designed to hold each one securely, while giving clear access to buttons, ports and speakers. Compatible with all tablets and smartphones, it can be used in both landscape and portrait mode. 


Use these accessories and get the most out of your tablet or smartphone! Do you use one of these accessories? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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