Help Your Child Create the Next Big Tablet App



Your children probably spend a lot of time on your tablet, phone or computer, so why not help them learn at the same time! Apple recently invented an app to teach children how to code and many other websites exist that do the same thing.

Coding is becoming an increasingly popular skill to have and teaching your children from an early age could help them in the future. Not only will it benefit them later in life when looking for jobs, but it could allow them to create the next big tablet app!

Check out some of the most popular training programs that will teach your child to code below



Swift Playgrounds


W13-1_Swift_Playgrounds (1)


Built exclusively for the iPad, Swift Playground teaches children to program through interactive puzzles. Once children learn the basics they are taught more advanced coding through fun challenges.

Swift is the language developers at Apple use to create the apps we all use and love. This means anyone who learns this code is one step closer to becoming an iOS programmer. The app is free and will be available for iPad in the Fall.





As one of the most popular coding resources on the market Codecademy offers tutorials, tips, articles and additional resources. Create an account with your child and open them up to all Codecademy has to offer.

Choose a topic like, “Make a Website” and then complete the projects and quizzes provided in the lesson. More than 25 million adults and children have enrolled in their programs and learned to code for free.



Free Code Camp


Free Code Camp is an open source community that helps users learn the ins and outs of coding. Children can do coding challenges at their own pace, complete projects and earn certificates. Those who fall in love with the camp have the opportunity to do projects for nonprofit organizations after completing 1200 hours of challenges. So far Code Camp has donated more than $100,000 to non-profits and donated over $1 million in free code.



Help your kids learn to code with one of these 3 free coding programs. These programs are all recommended for children 12 years and older and require no previous coding experience! Not only will it make their time on the computer more productive, but it may even help them create the next big tablet app!

Are you a developer? Tell us what coding program you would recommend in the comments below.

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