How Tablets Increase Creativity in Children

How-Tablets-Increase-Creativity-in-ChildrenStarting from a young age it is important to engage your child’s creative side. From reading to music to art creativity comes in various forms. It is easy to think that the rise of smartphones and tablets have stifled children’s creative side, but that just isn’t true. Research has proven that tablets have the ability to increase creativity in children of all ages through the use interactive apps.




Tablets make books available at the click of a button. Millions of stories about princesses and pirates, fairy godmothers and evil queens, can be found online. Many of these books are free in ebook form for applications like the Kindle Reader or iBooks. A simple Amazon or iTunes search for free ebooks will unlock this treasure trove of books for toddlers and teenagers. Try Bookster if your little one still needs some help reading. It provides narration for every story and has a recording function if your child wants to hear themselves read.





If your kid is more interested in being the next Beethoven than the next JK Rowling, try a music app. Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter, gives kids the chance to compose their own music. Kids choose an instrument and then fingerpaint on the screen. What they paint turns into music that they can play forward, backward or upside down. Made by experts in music education, Piano Practice with Wolfie is a perfect app for older kids learning to play piano. The app features musical scores to learn, an annotation tool for learning and a feature to evaluate the child’s practice.





For the little Picasso in your life, drawing apps are ideal for honing their skill set. Drawing Box Free is an app for both toddlers and teens. Kids can draw free hand, choose a picture to color and use stickers to create original works of art. You can purchase drawing lessons in the app, if your child wants to learn art composition.



ReallyColor takes photographs and makes them into coloring pages for your kids. It does this by eliminating all the color from the image to create a line art picture your child can color in. Choose photos of pets, landscapes, or even their annoying older brother and let them create new pictures you can frame.



Help your child increase their creativity with just the use of your tablet. Download one of the apps mentioned above and make your kids tablet time as creative as possible.

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