How to Connect Your Tablet or Smartphone to a Car Stereo

How to Connect Your Tablet or Smartphone to a Car Stereo

People are spending more and more time in their cars. CNN reported that in 2015 the average American commute was 45 minutes. With all the time we spend in the car it’s important to have something to pass the time. Many of us are turning to our phones and tablets for entertainment,  listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts while driving.


If you’re not utilizing your device while in the car you should be! Here are some easy ways to connect your tablet or smartphone to a car stereo.


Connect via Bluetooth


With hands-free calling a law in the United States and other countries, most new cars are bluetooth enabled. This means it is easy to pair a device like a tablet or smartphone directly to the car’s sound system. Check your car’s manual to see if it has bluetooth capabilities and learn how to pair it with a smart device. 


This method has many advantages, including the ability to see what is playing and skip songs right from the car’s stereo. It also doesn’t require any extra cables so your tablet can be safely stored in the glove box or cup holder.



Use an Auxiliary Cable

Many cars feature an auxiliary input that allows a smart device to be connected using a cable. These cables can be purchased at any electronics store, like Best Buy and are relatively inexpensive. Simply put the cord into the headphone jack of the tablet or smartphone and connect the other end to the auxiliary in the car.


Using an auxiliary won’t allow you to control the music via the stereo, but it is easy to setup and requires no technical knowledge.



Try a USB Cord


USB cords are great because they typically connect to the car’s stereo interface. This means you have the ability to access certain audio features hands-free. Newer cars usually have a talk feature, which allows you to request a certain song, artist or playlist to be played automatically.


This keeps you and everyone on the road safer because your eyes on the road and not on the device. Best of all, your phone or tablet includes a USB cable, meaning no new cords need to be purchased.



Stay safe and entertained during long commutes by connecting your tablet or smartphone directly to the car stereo. It takes only a few minutes to accomplish and will give you unlimited access to podcasts, music, audiobooks and other media.


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