How to Protect Your Tablet or Smartphone from Breaking


Tablets and smartphones are everywhere with an estimated 65% of US adults owning a smartphone and 45% owning a tablet. Of those who own a device 50% have experienced a cracked screen. Repairing a broken tablet or smartphone can be expensive. This means it’s important to do whatever you can to protect your device.


Why Do Phones and Tablets Break?


Falls on a Hard Surface



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The most common reason why tablet and smartphone screens crack is because they fall on a hard surface. This could be cement, tile, wood and even carpet.If it falls just the right way your screen can and will crack.




The good news is that this type of accident is easily preventable. You can buy a case that provides enough protection to protect the screen. Another cheap option is to install a tempered glass screen protector that will absorb all the impact.





How many times have you almost dropped your phone in the toilet or pool? If you are like me, it is more times than you can count. Many people lose their phone every year because of water damage. The worst part, most of the time this damage isn’t covered by your device’s insurance.




If you are a beach goer or just clumsy near water, get a waterproof case to protect your tablet or smartphone from drowning.



Sat On

Often it is easiest to carry your phone in the back pocket of your pants. This puts it in a vulnerable place to get crushed between you and a chair. The worst part is by the time you sit down and realize that something bad happened, it is too late to save.




The best solution is to protect your phone by not storing it in your back pocket. However, if you have no other place to store it, then get a rugged case to put something between you and your phone.





Your kids love your tablet more than you do and probably use it more too. However, unlike you, they are not as gentle. This means your tablet or smartphone more than likely spends a great deal of time being dragged around or dropped. Kids break a LOT of devices.




Luckily there are special cases built specifically with your child in mind. They often are made of softer materials like rubber or silicon, and come with an oversized handle to help you kids hold on to it better.



Make sure you do whatever possible to protect your tablet or smartphone. You can do this by purchasing a tablet case, screen protector or keeping your device in the front pocket. We offer many tablet cases perfect for whichever one of these scenarios you find yourself in. Check them out today.

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