Learn a New Language with These 4 Tablet Apps

Best-language-learning-appsLearning a new language is fun and exciting, but comes with certain challenges. With new apps geared toward learning a new language, these challenges fade away. Not only do they teach proper grammar and technique but they make it easy to practice at home or on the go. Want to learn a new language? Download the 4 best language apps for tablets and smartphones.




DuoLingo was recently voted Apple’s iPhone app of the year. It works to teach languages in a way that feels like games. Lessons are set up like challenges and include speaking, translation, listening and multiple choice quizzes. Receive grades quickly during each lesson and track how many days you have logged in. Learn 10 languages from English to Dutch completely free. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.





Learn 14 different languages with the use of one app, Babbel. Each lesson is short, to fit every schedule and covers topics like culture, business and travel. Designed for both beginners and advanced learners, Babbel features a speech recognition tool to help with pronunciation of difficult words. After a month of the app’s 10-15 minute lessons users should be able to have conversations regarding transportation, shopping, eating out and even directions. The app costs $19.99 and is available for iOS and Android.





Busuu’s goal is to make users fall in love with a language. Unlike other apps, Busuu uses a community of more than 60 million native speakers that help teach the languages of their homelands. Set a goal and let the app teach language basics like vocabulary, writing, dialogue and grammar through personalized lesson plans. Use the app offline and when a question arises sign on to ask other users for help. Voted one of the best apps for iOS, Busuu costs $10.99 a month and is available for iOS and Android.





HiNative is an app for those learning a language that need extra help. Use their community to connect with native speakers from over 170 different countries and ask questions. If you are unsure how to format a question HiNative will do it for you. Simply input the phrase or sentence and have the app translate it into the correct language. Upload audio for assistance on pronunciation, or photos to learn how to write something or double check grammar.


Planning a trip? Ask natives where to go and what to do while on vacation. HiNative is free but a premium service is available for $9.99 and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.



Learn a new language or brush up on your speaking skills with 4 of the best foreign language apps on the market. What language do you want to learn? Tell us in the comments below!

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