Meet New People with 3 Apps Designed for Meetups

apps for meetups for tablets and smarphones

Meeting new people is never easy. Especially when you just move to a new place or if you are traveling alone. It can be super scary walking into a bar and trying to make conversation with a stranger. However, meeting new people is a great way to find work connections, new relationships and friends on the road.

If walking up to someone is too intimidating for you, try one of these apps specifically designed to create meetups with strangers.


bonappetour meetup app for tablet and smarphone

Want to experience dining and conversation in a new way? Try Bonappetour. The app works by connecting people to small intimate “home restaurants” in whatever city they are visiting. Professional chefs and amateurs who excel at cooking can create menus to serve in their homes.

They share photos, pricing and other information in the app and then users who want to eat there book a reservation much like a restaurant. This helps connect travellers to local cuisine, made by, well, locals.




Happn meetup app for tablet and smarphone

Have you ever crossed paths with someone and then immediately regretted not saying something to them? Then you need Happn. This app connects users with other Happn members that they have “happened upon” throughout the day.

Simply look at the app’s timeline to see all the connections made throughout the day and when they happened. When you find someone interesting click on their profile to see their interests and when you crossed paths. If you are interested send them a message right in the app. 




Wildcard meetup app for tablets and smartphones

Wildcard is a way for working professionals to connect at events and community workspaces. Simply create a card that explains a little bit about you and what your goal is and then match with people with similar goals.

Think of it like Tinder but for business, read cards and then take the ones that interest you. If the other person also takes your card then send them a message and connect. You can also join “decks” based on cities and events and connect to those closest in proximity. 



Experience the local cuisine, meet your soulmate or a new business colleague with these 3 meetup apps. They are less intimidating than walking up to a stranger and can connect you with new people, who just may change your life.

Have a meetup app you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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