Mujjo Cases for iPhone 13 lineup

Mujjo cases celebrates the arrival of another iconic phone from Apple with equally unique and trend-setting leather phone cases that are designed specifically for iPhone 13 and its many variants. 

Are you excited about the arrival of the new iPhone 13? Well, so are we!

 A new phone almost always calls for a new phone case or a phone wallet. If you have bought the new iPhone 13 and are looking for the perfect phone case or wallet for it, you should look at Mujjo All Leather Phone Case and All Leather Phone Wallets.

The Mujjo case for the new iPhone 13 is a fair tribute to the design and engineering excellence of the iPhone 13. The sleek minimalistic design of the iPhone is reflected in the clean lines and classic looks of the iPhone 13 protective cases.



Why do You Need a Protective Case?

Mobile phones are the most indispensable items in our lives today. Constant use exposes your prized iPhone to natural wear and tear, scuffs, scratches, and other scars of use. While the normal wear and tear may be acceptable, having a phone that is pristine even after months of use is something we all hope for. Besides, accidents happen and a sudden fall can damage the phone which might require expensive repairs, not to mention the inconvenience of living without a phone while it is in repair.

Protective covers insulate your iPhone from the usual wear and tear as well as accidents. The phone case forms a protective barrier around the phone’s body and keeps it safe from accidents and rough surfaces. Even in case of an accidental drop, the phone covers act as shock absorbers and prevent the screen from shattering.

Mujjo iPhone covers provide the essential protection that keeps your iPhone looking like new for a long time while insulating it from spills and falls.

All Leather No Plastic iPhone Cover

Only the best is reserved for your prized possession! Mujjo cases are made with beautiful full-grain and soft leather. The case is completely plastic-free, making it sustainable and eco-friendly. It is the perfect iPhone cover for environmentally conscious people.

Vegetable-dyed Natural Leather Cases

Mujjo cases are made with 100% natural leather. It is vegetable tanned into earthy and classy colors that enhance the fine structure of the grains. The soft supple leather provides a safe non-slip grip on the phone while it protects it from the sides and the back. It gently molds around the phone to create a sleek silhouette with rounded edges and a seamless look.

The inside of the case is lined with soft, satiny, and luxurious Japanese microfibre. The soft gleam of the cloth makes the case even more attractive while it prevents scratches and scuffs from marking the phone.

Slim Profile With a Raised Bezel

Mujjo leather phone cases for iPhones have a slim profile. They do not add bulk to the phone as some other plastic and silicone covers do. Moreover, the case has a 1mm thin leather bezel all around the screen edge and around the camera cutout. The bezel protects your screen and the camera from coming into contact with rough surfaces and thus prevents unseemly scratches and scuff marks.

The camera and port cutouts are precisely aligned so they offer no hindrance while accessing and using the camera or the ports.

The case covers the buttons to protect them from dust and moisture but does not interfere with the responsiveness of the buttons.

Wireless Charging Compatible Apple Phone Case

No need to ever take off the Mujjo case. The thin Apple iPhone Cover supports wireless charging. It does not interfere in any way with the magnetic field required for the wireless charging function. 


Different variants to cover all Models of iPhone 13

Mujjo phone covers are available in different variants that are specifically designed for the different models of Apple iPhone 13. You can pick your favorite Mujjo cover for:

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

Wallet Case for iPhone 13

Mujjo iPhone 13 cases are available in two styles:

  • Full leather case: This is the classic style case with a smooth back. It is ideal for people who prefer no-frills.
  • Full leather wallet case: For those who prefer to leave their wallets behind, Mujjo All Leather Wallet Case is ideal. It has a small pocket or slot on the back which has enough space for a few bank cards or currency notes. The slot adds not just to the functionality but also the aesthetics of the case with stylish stitching details.

Available in Three Elegant Colors

Full Leather case and Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13, are available in three different colors. Both the variants are available in Black, Monaco Blue, and Tan.


Durable Leather iPhone Covers

Mujjo leather cases are designed for durability. The more you use it, the better it looks. The smoothened areas, the color patches, nicks, and scratches that the leather develops as it is used and touched add character to it. The vegetable tanning process of the leather used in the cases ensures that they take on patina faster than other similar phone cases. This adds to the beauty of the case and personalizes it. Each case, over the time, will take on a different patina and add a distinct individual aesthetic dimension to it.

The Monaco Blue and Tan colors are most conducive to taking on a patina. In case, you do not want the patina, then black is the color to opt for.

One genius deserves another and the technological genius of iPhone 13 deserves the genius of a Mujjo All Leather Phone Case/Phone Wallet. Mujjo ships its products worldwide, so you can buy them online and have them delivered to your doorstep.


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