Behind a Rugged Tablet Case, there is always a Great Team

Tablet2Cases team

How many people does it take to make the best tablet cases? Meet the Tablet2Cases team

Her day starts when someone else's day is ending, says Zebo Tursunova, Uzbekistan-born sales account manager of Tablet2Cases. This happens because the team members of the company founded in 2011 by Pavel Smirnov and Sagi Luel, are scattered all over the globe.

We can even say that Tablet2Cases is a company that operates globally, starting in China and ending in the US. And it is in Budapest, Hungary, that we can find the new Operational office and the recently moved-in team. Here, the heart of the brand is coordinated and it was where Pavel and Zebo could talk about this international family.

We offer “good cases for good value” is the message of the business started to fill in a gap that existed regarding cases for tablets. So, Pavel (a Russian marketeer) and Sagi (an Israeli programmer) got together to create an online platform where customers could find and order the best tablet cases available in the market. Whether they were Tablet2Cases originals or partnerships with other brands all of their covers promised to be inexpensive, protective, beautiful and easy to carry.

The Team

So, who is behind the best tablet cases in the market? The journey begins in Shenzhen, China, where the manufacturing happens and where Sagi chooses which products will fit best the client's needs. After, with every 'order’ click comes the time to ship the cases all around the world. Here comes into action - amongst others - the men responsible for the Accounting & Inventory Planning, Amjad Nabhan. Amjad makes sure that the products arrive safely to their rightful destination.

Once the cases have reached their homes you can count on the great Customer Service support from Ana, Erma, Joyce, and Paul. They will answer in speed all your queries and solve any issues that you may have with the service provided. Because the customers are really everything to Tablet2Cases, the Wales-born Head of Communications Curtis Jones, ensures to only leave them when satisfaction is a guarantee.

To help the team reach their goal we have the Hungarian natural Szilvia Nagy, the resident office manager. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly in Kisfaludy street in Budapest. Last, but never the least they can always count on the one and only Head of Catering Charlie Dogstein (Pavel’s dog and best friend) to feed the troops! And it’s important to note that the names mentioned above are only a few from the bigger team that makes up Tablet2Cases. In total, the company has 22 loyal team members working together in the same direction.

The truly amazing thing about Tablet2Cases is the fact that the journey of all the products is accompanied from start to end by the same interconnected group of people - joined together by a great sense of Communication (and technology). This way they have more control and knowledge of the whole process. According to Pavel this allows Tablet2Cases to “deliver value to the people”. “We want people to be happy” and so, they have found the perfect solution to a perpetual problem.

Tablet2Cases team in China

From the first case to Pure Sense Cases

The first case ever sold was to a Finnish customer. From there to selling 100,000 cases it took the company 4 years. And ever since then they have been growing rapidly. Starting with the Cooper Cases line, they have created other quality products along the way, like the Sumato Watchbox Charging Case.

Tablet2Cases’ current focus is the Pure Sense Cases: the world's first ever antimicrobial case for kids. These are special cases that prevent bacteria from spreading and at the same time provide the ultimate, heavy-duty, tough drop protection. It’s the perfect kid proof must-have available for all mothers concerned with the wellbeing of their children...and their tablets.

Because Tablet2Cases does not produce products that they would not use you can take also suggestions from Pavel and Zebo. Pavel’s favourite product from their wide selection is the Cooper Dynamo Kids Play Case. Zebo highlights her preference for the Keyboard Cases. These covers come with Bluetooth keyboards included which not only protect but also enhance the features of the case.

But any way you go with Tablet2Cases you can be assured that all lines, from cases to sleeves, are about protecting every inch of your tablet or mobile phone. For every different context of your life (there are even waterproof solutions), they will make sure that you have an easy to carry, rugged and very affordable solution.

Tablet2Cases swimming event

Finding a different way to deliver the product

Tablet2Cases has found the perfect balance between the needs of their customers and how the team can answer them. And what is the secret word for this perfect balance? ‘Communication is the driving element’. The ability to communicate efficiently with customers, team members and with partners.

For Zebo, Tablet2Cases is a well-oiled and very robust ‘machine that works 24/7’ and the multiculturality that exists within and outside the company is what makes them a global enterprise. By ‘working with our multicultural team you become a pro at communicating’ and you get a ‘full understanding of cultures’, which can be very useful for dealing with customers from all over the world.

On a daily basis, Tablet2Cases is a tech-savvy, evolving and full of diversity environment with a lot of room for negotiation. Most importantly, there is a lot of mutual respect amongst all of the staff members. Thus, the interactions become very natural and create a true feeling of existing like a family. ‘It’s a good place to work’, concludes Curtis, and the vision for the future is to continue to grow as individuals and as a result, the company grows with you.

And what is the only thing that could make Tablet2Cases an even better place to work? - Technological advancement. With all the traveling they need to do, Pavel believes that teleportation would be a life-changing invention. Zebo wishes there was a USB stick connected to her brain that saves all of her thoughts at all times! But until then, they can rely on the tablets that they take with them everywhere and use to work, communicate and store their lives...and of course, the rugged cases to protect them!

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