• Cooper Clef Note Universal Tablet Speaker Dock

      ‘Can’t get no satisfaction’ from your tablet’s pitch? The Cooper Clef Note speaker dock features two large speakers for amplifying your device’s sound quality to whole other level. Fit any sized tablet and ‘pump up the volume‘… the sturdy aluminum construction will surely be able to handle all those ‘good vibrations‘!
  • Cooper Base Dock w/ iPad Lightning Connection

      The Cooper Cases Base Dock contains a lightning connector for use with the iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Mini (charging cable not included). Displays the tablet at an approx 75° angle in portrait format. (Please note: This item is not compatible with the iPad 2 or iPad 3).
  • OIO Amps the iPad Air Sounds With a Brand New Speaker Dock

    The Amp is a tablet speaker dock from OIO, currently looking for funding at Kickstarter. Compatible with iPad Air and iPad Air 2, the case comes with built-in hi-fi stereo Bluetooth speaker, offering rich sound in a mobile package. The case looks a little bit like the hi-fi systems of the 90s, where the iPad is docked into a centerpiece with an integrated stand...
  • Dock Your iPads Anywhere With Highly Stable Stand From Rishi Soekhoe

    Rishi Soekhoe has come up with a genius tablet stand case – Docked – and has already collected enough pledges on Kickstarter to bring it to life. The accessory is universally compatible with all iPads and any other tablet device with thickness between 5 and 9 millimeters. The case is the best companion for handsfree use on the couch, in the kitchen, on a...
  • Dockem iProps Tablet Devices on Any Imaginable Surface

    It has never been easier to prop up a tablet on any surface than with the iProp from Dockem. Compatible with virtually any tablet device this miniature bean bag acts as a wonderful tablet stand and works anywhere from an office desk to a couch or a bed. The microbead base takes contour of any surface and provides stability where it’s needed. The highly...
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