The Apple Watch 5 Release: What to Expect

Apple stands heads and shoulders above other companies in the global market for mobile technology. Every Apple device is anticipated with great excitement among Apple customers around the world worldwide and sells out as soon as it reaches store-shelves.

This has been the case with previous releases of the Apple Watch, which both came in September. And as we approach that month again in the year, there is a sense of excitement as fans look forward to a possible new release.

In that spirit, we take a look at what makes the Apple Watch tick, and new features likely to come with this new release.

Wish List For Apple Watch Series 5 Release

Apple has customarily made changes and additions with every new edition of the Apple Watch. And like spoilt children, Apple customers have an insatiable desire for additional features on every new release.

Past releases have seen Apple make the watch thinner, more efficient and easier to use. In addition to their favorite apps, features that customers have suggested for the new version include;

  • Sleep tracker
  • Glucose sensor
  • An upgraded S5 processor chip
  • Preinstalled watchOS 6

Overall Watch design

Unlike other products where it is sometimes difficult to spot the difference between a previous version and the new one, the design changes made to the Apple Watch Series 4 were immediately apparent.

The screen was larger, it was flatter and weighed less than the previous version.

Although, some commentators complained about the square shape of the watch, comparing it to round-faced watches, Apple users do not seem to mind the difference.

And it is unlikely that customers would want to see this design change.

Although Apple's published patents include one for sensors on the wristband of the Apple Watch, it would be interesting to see how the company manages to incorporate this into the new version.

Apps, Apps, and More Apps

Apple fans want apps for every imaginable activity. Users never stop expecting to be able to perform even more tasks on their watches.

Here is some of what Apple lovers expect for apps on the Apple watch:

  • Older models of the Apple Watch did not include Slack and Instagram, but fans are hoping this will change with Series 5 watchOS.
  • Customers will also want expanded functionalities on the Spotify app, which currently only allows users to control players but does not permit downloads. Since the Apple Music allows downloads, fans expect that capability to be extended to the Spotify app.
  • And of course, new applications are always a welcome addition.

Longer Battery Life

This is one area where the Apple Watch does not shine very brightly. The device's battery performance is not dreadfully bad but it is not anywhere near as good as it could be.

There was some improvement on battery life with Series 4, compared to Series 1, 2 and 3. But, in spite of that, the battery is not there just yet.

One good thing, though, the Sumato Watchbox helps make up for the shortfalls of the battery by allowing Apple Customers safely charge their watches anywhere.

Support For Healthy and Fitness

Apple has traditionally been big on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. And the Apple Watch follows the same track; one reason the gadgets have held strong attraction to people who need to keep close track of their heart rates and other bodily functions.

Some of the applications that were incorporated on older versions of Apple Watch include ECG-like functionalities, Emergency SOS and fall detection.

With a new release, fans will expect improvements to the sleep tracking capabilities of Apple Watch to make it more precise in how it times users' sleep.

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