The Essential "Insider" Christmas Family Gift List

The Essential Christmas Family Gift List for Men, Women, Grandparents and Kids

We have a lot in common. You and I go through the same gifting troubles. There is no exception when it comes to Christmas. Everyone has to get gifts.

Being one of the founders of Tablet2Cases, I have a cheat sheet. I'm familiar with all the products we sell. When the season comes, I've easy access to "gift material".

I help source and find products. Back in the day, Sagi (he's the other founder)and I agreed to only sell good products. What's a good product, you ask? Something that we would recommend and gift to friends and family.

That's the unofficial Tablet2Cases sourcing rule. We stand behind the products we sell. They have to work well and be of good quality. 

I gift our products to friends and family every year. There is no shame in a good accessory or gadget. More then that, everyone loves it. 

I want to share my gifting choices with you. They'll help you take a few more names off the list. One gift at a time, it will make the gift buying process easier.


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The Essential Christmas Family Gift List for Men - father, husband, grandfather, brother, cousin, uncle

Gifts for Men

These gifts will work for any guy. Whether it's your father, husband, grandfather, brother, cousin, uncle or a close friend.


Mangata Orbit Power Bank

Gifted: uncle-in-law's family, wife's sister's boyfriend.

(Most) men love gadgets. Well, at least I do, and most men I know. It's a Macgyver-like trait. We are brought up to be handy. And a power bank is handy.

What's cool about the Orbit? It's a set of two batteries that charge wirelessly in their own dock. Everyone in the house can use it, so it's a gift for a household.


Touchscreen Gloves

Gifted: father in law, grandfather in law, cousins

Being handy requires warm hands. What's better than winter gloves that keep warm and work with phones? Using the phone inside is the next best thing. But in times when you are out and about in freezing cold, good touchscreen gloves are a true blessing.

Mujjo's winter touchscreen gloves are the best on the market. They work better than anything else we've tried, including North Face e-Tip gloves. 

Now, these are not for sending your man to the woods for 3 days. Nor going skiing. These are "city" gloves. Use them for dog walks, driving, commuting.


Phone Cases

Gifted: wife's cousins, grandfather-in-law, uncle, cousins, various friends

Every man (I know) has a phone. If you have no phone, then either you are a toddler or you lost your phone.

Being handy means that men drop things, including phones. Gifting a phone case makes practical sense.

Whether you are going for a functional wallet case or a premium leather finish, we got you covered.

Tip: sleeves for laptops and tablets make great gifts too.


Rugged Cases for Tablets

Gifted: grandfather, fathers with small kids, all friends with kids

A tablet's weakest point is the screen. It is only a matter of time until the tablet falls and the screen cracks.

Unless you have a case.

Gifting a rugged case makes sense for anyone. Whether they use it at home with kids or take it places. It's very practical.

Do check their tablet model first. Ask someone close in their family, then get the gift.

Tip: one great gift is a "kids case" for grandparents. My grandfather has moved away from newspapers to an iPad. He likes my posts on Facebook. Sometimes he comments too. His coordination is not as good anymore, so we got him a kid's case. They are drop proof and simple to use - making them ideal for grandparents as well.


Keyboard Cases for Tablets

Gifted: father-in-law, uncle, cousins

If the man you are gifting uses his tablet for work or school, then get them a keyboard. It will boost their typing speed and improve productivity.

Also a great gift for those who don't have a laptop. A good keyboard case works like a laptop at 1/10th of the cost.


Cooper Vice Duo Car Mount

Gifted: myself and Sagi, uncle, wife's sister's boyfriend, cousins

I like to drive. My car has built-in navigation, but it's cumbersome to turn on. I use my phone instead. Also, Spotify is easier to access by phone.

A good car mount makes all the difference. It's also a memorable gift. Whoever you gift it to will think of you every time they drive. Very thoughtful of you.

The Vice Duo plugs into the air vent. It has two mounts for extra support. I've used it for 3 years now. It's as good as new.


Waterproof Tablet Cases

Gifted: father-in-law

Water and technology don't mix. Sailing even more so. Sea salt eats into everything when you are on the boat. If your man is into boats or sailing, then this is the best gift ever.

My father-in-law sails. He lives on a boat. That's his retirement dream. Unprotected gadgets don't even last him for 6 months. I've gifted him a whole bunch of sleeves that he uses for his phone, tablet, and kindle.


Cooper Mega Table Folding Desk

Gifted: Not gifted yet as launched this year. I've got one at home. Call me an "early-adopter".

The Mega Table is an extra-large folding table. Aptly marketed as the King of folding tables, it's great for anyone working or studying from home.

It has a large surface area that fits a laptop, mouse pad, tablet, book, phone, and a cap - at the same time. Perfect for working or studying at home.

Know someone who lives in a small apartment, studio, dorm or works a lot from home? Gift them this. They'll love you.

Despite the size, it's easy to store. Fold the legs to slide under the couch or store in a closet.


Sumato Watchbox Charging Case for Apple Watch

Gifted: uncle, friends with iWatch

Men like their watches. Mind you, so do women.

Did you know that the Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world? It sells more units than any other watch brand. Companies like Rolex, Swatch, and Tissot sell a fraction of watches comparing to Apple.

So if your man has an Apple Watch, gifting them a watch box is a great idea.

The Sumato Watchbox stores the watch and charges it. It comes with a built-in powerbank, so no need to keep it plugged into a power outlet.

And it can charge a phone as well. A versatile Watchbox indeed.


The Essential Christmas Family Gift List for Women - mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife

Gifts for Women

Tech gifts for women have more flair. Less black, more vibrant colors for your wife or girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt or grandmother. Protective and practical.


Mangata Orbit Power Bank

Gifted: I have 3 aunts. Gifted these to each of their families.

To be fair, power banks are great gifts for anyone. At 5,000 mAh each, Mangata Orbit power banks pack a full phone charge. They are also small enough to fit in a purse.

Recharging is easy. No need to connect cables. Dock it in the charging station. The battery will charge wirelessly.


Phone Cases

Gifted: mother, wife, mother-in-law, aunt, wife's cousins, grandmother-in-law, aunt-in-law

Okay, everyone has phone cases. I'm the family phone case provider.

This is a no-brainer. Find out their phone model then get them the case.

Tip: sleeves for laptops and tablets make great gifts too. 


Kids Cases for Tablets

Gifted: aunts, cousins with kids, mothers with kids, friends with kids

Anyone who has children in your family will need one of these. Mothers in particular.

It's good for gadgets used at home. Even if they don't give the tablet to kids, it's very handy. Plus, at some point, the kid will take it. The forbidden fruit is tempting.

Gift it for reading the tablet on the couch, stand on the table, play movies for children or kitchen top. When the tablet slips and falls on the floor, the worst-case scenario is a small scream. After that, they'll thank you for the thoughtful gift.


Keyboard Cases for Tablets

Gifted: mother, aunt, mother-in-law, wife's cousins

My mom has three iPads of different sizes. I still don't understand why. 

So she loves an iPad keyboard. It helps her type faster and supports the screen.

She is not a heavy laptop user, so the iPad keyboard case combo works well for her needs.

Curiously, my mother-in-law also uses one. It now runs in the whole family.


Sumato Watchbox Charging Case for Apple Watch

Gifted: aunts

It's a great gift for women as well. Anyone who has an Apple Watch will appreciate it.

It's great at charging the watch on the move as well. Slot the watch in the box and close the lid. Keep it in the bag while it charges.


The Essential Christmas Family Gift List for Children - kids, brothers, cousins, nephews

Gifts for Kids

I find it curious that kids adopt technology faster. You'll know what I mean if you've seen a 4-year-old use their parents' phone. The other day, we had a chat about this phenomenon in the office.

My theory is that with age, we set in our ways and the tech we use. We become so vested in our methods, that starting from scratch is daunting.

Kids start from scratch with everything. There is no need to abandon technology they've been using for 20 years. Whatever they use, they'll be embracing something new.

Until they get older and fall into the same dilemma.

Anyways, about gifts for kids.


Kids Cases for Tablets

Gifted: aunts, cousins with kids, mothers with kids, friends with kids

Kids cases are normally gifts for parents. It's up to them to decide whether a kid gets his own tablet or not. But with parent's permission, you can give them to kids as well.

If you know any child who is getting a tablet this Christmas, make sure to get them a case. The last thing you need is tears of broken screens at the dinner table.

Tip: Kids cases are life saviors on family trips. Want some peace on the airplane? Give the kid cartoons to watch. Want peace and quiet in the car? Mount the case with a shoulder strap to a car's headrest. Want to sunbathe on the beach for 30 minutes? Give your kid the tablet to play some games. 

You will thank me later.


Cooper Mega Table

Gifted: no one yet, launched this year

Perfect gift for anyone in university. Dorms have small rooms. Long study sessions at the table can be hard. Every little change helps. 

The Mega Table can be used on the bed, floor or couch.

This table is also great for kids at home. Use it as a floor table for drawing, reading, playing games.


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