Cooper Desk Pro - A professional looking Folding Table


Have you ever tried to use a laptop while sitting on a couch, bed, or chair? It is not comfortable. It is even unhealthy as it can strain your back, neck and wrists.

In today’s world, being mobile is almost a necessity, not only for work, but also to sit back and relax. Having a good surface that lets you get what you want done can sound easy to find, but it is not.

Cooper Cases has come with a solution; a versatile and functional desk that will serve many purposes.

Now that many of us are transitioning to work from home, getting a setup like this is more important than ever.

The Cooper Desk Pro is comfortable and has an excellent quality that can come handy in different situations.

Sitting down all day, working with your laptop on a non customizable desk can greatly affect your posture as well as induce unnecessary neck and shoulder pain.

Interested already? Let us meet it!



Versatile, Adjustable Folding Table. Perfect addition to your home or office. Foldable lap-top-desk tray table stand for writing study-ing working in bed. Adjustable height folding angle large XXL lap-top bed desk tray table for work in bed or sofa, laptop gaming desk, snack tray for watching TV or breakfast in bed tray!

✅ Laptop stand for bed / couch
Food & breakfast tray for sofa / bedroom
TV dinner tray
Reading study table for bed / sofa
Hospital bed desk for laptop and writing
Stand up table for desk
Picnic table
Floor table for kids playing games
Mini writing table

Once you are done with work, you can turn this desk into your own dining table, or even place a book for some relaxed reading.


The large surface of this desk will make it easy for you to boost your productivity. You can use a large laptop (up to 17’), use your own mouse, and even have one or two extra accessories on top.

This is a professional looking desk, the surface is made of PU leather, and it has a groove to hold a tablet, or book (yes, the book stand is included).


When choosing the right lap desk, it is not only important to consider the space to keep your laptop intact but also the space to keep other peripherals.

A lot of thought and effort was put into the construction of this desk.  


Open table legs to use. No assembly required. Open drawer to store items. Take out Book stand with fold out legs from dedicated slot underneath the table. Save storage space by folding legs & slide under couch or bed.


Aluminum alloy legs made with reinforced closure for tight grip. Each leg is age fold tested 2000 times for quality. Ski shaped legs designed for frictionless sliding, better balance and stability.


Never mind working from the comfort of your own home. You can now work from the comfy confines of your own bed. 

Front tabletop cut-out designed for comfortable sitting. Bed table surface made from premium, scratch-free faux-leather. Wide groove stand with silicon padding compatible with any iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, smartphone or tablet.

Adjustable 10.8` to 15.1` height & 0-36 degree tilting angles work great as standing desk table.

With the adjustable level and tilt settings, you can sit or stand while doing all of your tasks - all of this while you keep muscles spasms away. It does an excellent job at safely positioning the laptop at one's preferred height and angle. 





The Cooper Desk Pro is available in two colors, which will definitely turn heads wherever you are. 



The Cooper Desk Pro is well thought when it comes to features. From the soft wrist pads to the iPad groove and book stand. This is a professional looking desk that will get you through the day, whether you are doing a late-night work session, gaming from the comfort of your bed, or maybe you just want to watch a movie.

Whether you are looking for a pristine and organized workspace, or having the versatility of using the desk for other purposes after finishing your working hours, the Cooper Desk Pro will get you through the day with ease.



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