Kids Tablet Cases to Withstand their Energy and Make Parents Worry Less!


March 21st - World Down Syndrome Day & 
April 2nd - World Autism Awareness Day

Kids diagnosed with Autism or Down Syndrome are absolutely no different from any other children around the world in that they too love to spend time playing and learning with the help of tablet devices. And just as any other kids, they might need a little extra something to shield their tablets from harm. And to celebrate these two important days we have SPECIAL PRICES for awesome cases!

Therefore taking care of a child with autism or down syndrome is, in fact, not much different from raising any other child, and studies have shown promising number of people diagnosed with either of these two conditions that live their life to its fullest!

That’s why the Tablet2Cases selection of kids cases are well created to withstand any challenges of parenting, moreover to help out and give them the opportunity to use tablets in their children’s education and worry less.

The AAA behavior characteristics parents have to expect and manage and how tablets with a proper case can help.


Agitation – kids have tons of energy!

Their tiny little bodies what to move every muscle they have – and while doing so they are discovering the world around them. And it’s just SO MUCH to see! They want to touch, grab, play with, even chew everything they can and it’s all part of the developing process. It’s hard to keep them in one place, they’re EXPLORERS! Here’s when tablets come in handy – another world of its own is happening on the screen and it’s so fantastic it can keep them grounded for a while.

However, due to their energy levels you might expect the child to grab the tablet, lift it, move it, turn it all the ways, touch the screen, jump with it. That’s a lot to handle for a tablet in its own. A good case has to be dust proof to keep the germs away from the explorations, water proof to save the tablet from spilled water or milk, also has to have a soft material to make it easy to be grabbed by little hands.


Attention – kids get easily distracted!

In their explorer mode described above they are overwhelmed with the great things around them, when everything is new it’s easy to change focus from one thing to another in an instant. Yet learning to concentrate and doing a deeper understanding of each object at a time is essential for children. Therefore numerous apps offer games suitable for children to learn and keep their attention in one place. So a good case has to be brightly colored to catch the attention of the little ones and has to have an easy to open/close stand for a comfortable positioning of the tablet leaving the hands free to move.



Aggression – kids deal with overwhelming emotions!

Not only do kids explore and discover the world around them, but the one inside them too. They deal with emotions they feel for the first time. They feel hungry or sleepy so they express it by crying and their needs are met, but as time passes they start feeling a wider variety of feelings like ambition – to grab something, to move something, pride – when they succeed while playing and the parents smile and congratulate them, but they can also feel rivalry – especially between siblings – when they want the same thing, or when one has done something better/faster than the other.

The palette of feelings they are going through is so wide they don’t know how to react – and so they might seem aggressive – they can throw objects to the ground, they can start running around the house, or crawl into small spaces to hide. They haven’t learned yet how to cope with feelings, so they express it the only way they can – physically. So a case has to be tough - resistant material – drop-proof and has to have a good handle so the little ones can carry it around.

Here we have tablet cases that meet the requirements mentioned above, recommended by parents caring for their children!


For Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Cooper Bounce Rugged Shell

Available in 3-5 colors

BUY Cooper Bounce Rugged Shell

Price$20.95 57% OFF

from $8.95

The Bounce tablet rugged case from Cooper is one of the toughest shells on the market designed to shield and protect the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and 4 in either 8.0 or 10.1” sizes. It comes in a variety of attractive colors and is crafted from high-quality molded silicone offering not only tough impact and drop protection, but also ensuring a secure grip on the device.

M. Kirkman says:

"Fantastic, this case really does bounce, my little boy has autism and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has been dropped many times, and is still undamaged xx can't recommend enough!"

Cooper Titan Rugged & Tough Case

Available in 3-6 colors

BUY Cooper Titan Rugged & Tough Case

Price$24.95 60% OFF


The Titan is available for almost all Samsung Galaxy Tab sizes ever made. Cooper Cases outdid themselves once again with this tablet rugged case combining innovative 3-piece design with tough material and great looks. There’s an integrated stand popping out of the back offering a multitude of viewing angles. All ports and buttons are protected with special plugs, which can be removed at any time offering immediate access.

Diane Norton says:

"I've tried a couple of tablet cases in my local store but haven't found a good one...some were sloppy built and some were plain ugly... This case works very well, has silicone margins and provides a good grip when you hold it in your hand. Awesome!"

For Apple iPads

Cooper Defender Rugged Back Protective Shell

Available in 4-7 colors

BUY Cooper Defender Rugged Shell

Price$29.95 78% OFF


One of the most popular tablet rugged cases for the iPads is the Cooper Defender available for both iPad Airs and iPad Mini 1-3 models. The case offers all-round impact and bump protection, comes with a collapsible tablet stand, and thanks to its rubbery exterior material it’s really comfortable to hold it never fearing that it will slip out from your hands.

Hank says:

"This is one of the cheapest iPad Air rugged cases I’ve met online, and I’ve searched for hours. The case is great, does what it says on paper. I especially like the square design of the back, which offers a soft and secure grip."

Cooper Titan Rugged & Tough Case

Available in 1-5 colors

Price$24.95 60% OFF


Cooper Titan has become so popular with Samsung Galaxy owners that the makers decided to create the same case compatible with Cupertino tablets as well. It is now sold for iPad Mini, iPad 2-4, and iPad Air 1 and Air 2 owners. The same excellent durability and multi-functionality is now available for the lucky iPad users.

Rick says:

"I thought the stand would just be broken off by my 3 and 5 year old and we would end up throwing that part away. What the heck, the kids probably won't use it anyway. Turns out the kids love the stand. If they put too much torque on the stand it pops off instead of breaking. Brilliant! My 3 year old has already tested drops with this case a number of different way with no damage to the iPad."

BUY Cooper Titan Rugged & Tough Case


Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case

Available in 2-6 colors

BUY Cooper Dynamo for Samsung Galaxy Tabs

BUY Cooper Dynamo for Apple iPads

Price$29.45 45% OFF

from $15.45

One of the best and most popular tablet rugged cases made with kids in mind is the Dynamo from Cooper Cases. Available for virtually every Samsung Galaxy Tab & Apple iPad out there this bad boy delivers extra tough protection from the little ones. Kid-safe material makes it a proper choice in any parent’s book while simple design has already proven to be a winner with kids of all ages. The case comes with a wide handle making it real easy for kids to stroll around with their precious possession. At the same time the handle acts as an integrated stand providing several highly stable viewing positions for the times when children decided it’s high time to watch some cartoons on their tablets. 

Perry Guerard says:

"This has been the best purchase ever! My child tries very hard to destroy things and this case has withstood it all!"

Bill Ward says:

"I have three iPads for each of my kids and already ordered another two of the Dynamos after receiving the first one. The case is absolutely worth every cent!"

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