2019 Guide to Buying Tech Gifts for Christmas - Rugged Cases for Parents & Kids

Guide to gifting rugged tablet cases for kids and parents

Last December, I was in Minnesota. Nothing compares to spending Christmas in the USA. It was my second time visiting family during this period.

The home decorations were abundant, as was gift shopping. The tradition of spending days with family was warming. I loved fireplaces too. Two things struck me the most.

First, the warm hospitality contrasts the extreme cold outside.

Minneapolis is very cold. Ice and snow everywhere. Coming into a home from the brutal winter gave a real sense of shelter.

Second, the number of presents gifted at Christmas.

Kids would get not one, but three, four, or even five presents from the same person. The gift distribution skews towards the youngest members of the family.

My parents gave me one gift each Christmas. Sometimes they would even bundle it with my birthday in January. You can imagine my surprise. It's a different culture.

So about those gifts. At Tablet2Cases, we only want you to have to gift the best cases.

The three-part guide for buying tech gifts for Christmas completes here. We covered gifting keyboard tablet cases and phone cases with accessories already.

Our final selection of rugged tablet cases for kids and their parents are below.

Let's not forget about grandparents too. As they say in India, old is gold. Our parents need gifts, as well. And they could use a protective case for their iPad.



Cooper Trooper 2K Drop Proof Case

Cooper Trooper 2K Drop Proof Case

The Trooper 2K by Cooper Cases is the world's first universal rugged case. No kidding. It launched back in 2016, and there is still nothing like it on the market.

The case is built entirely from silicon that stretches to fit each device. Cooper Cases huffed and puffed until they got the final product ready. It was not simple to get the design right.

The Trooper 2K is perfect for lesser-known devices that need rugged protection. It comes in four sizes to accommodate 7-10" tablets.

The reinforced corners provide robust protection from accidental drops. The case also has a stand for watching movies. It can stand in landscape and portrait formats.

Two extra elements make it unique - a hand strap and a shoulder strap.

The hand strap works like a baseball glove. It becomes an extension of your body, making it easy to grip the device with one hand. Very useful with fragile screens. Just don't try catching balls with it.

The detachable shoulder strap converts your cover into a carrying case. Swing it over the shoulder while holding your coffee and texting on your phone.

The strap has a million uses because any of the corners can attach to the belt. Hang it as you use it - vertically or horizontally.

Super handy during car travel too. Wrap the shoulder strap around the car's headrest to watch movies in the back.

Target: Everyone
Models: Most 7", 8", 9" and 10" tablets
Price: $17.95, $19.95


Gift A Real Trooper




Bam Bino Box Shock Proof Case with Front Cover, Stand & Handle for Apple iPad

Bam Bino Box Shock Proof Case with Cover

The Box was Bam Bino Cases's first product to market. The company specializes in cases for children, hence the name (bambino is a child in Italian).

The Box has a broader appeal than children. The frame is soft and bouncy to absorb impact. Made from EVA, it's light and durable - an ideal material for rugged cases.

A folio covers the front screen to protect from damage. It also unfolds into a stand for watching movies.

The handle adds a practical touch. It's easy to carry, like a briefcase. Looks very cute on kids. It makes them look important.

Target: Children, Parents, Home
Models: iPad (6th generation), iPad (5th generation), iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1
Price: $24.95


Gift a Rugged Box for iPad




Cooper Bounce Strap Drop Proof Rugged Case

Cooper Bounce Strap Drop Proof Rugged Case

Cooper Cases has a few best-sellers. One of them is the Bounce Strap. It's a rugged tablet case from reinforced silicone designed for protection against falls. Intentional falls.

The Bounce Strap uses a thick layer of food-grade silicon. It has a simple single-shell construction that's highly effective. Nothing can break, even with heavy use.

The shell has dedicated cutouts to access all features. Use the volume rockers, hold, and home button with the case on. There is a camera opening on the back, a hole to access the charging port, and cutouts for speakers as well.

It's also one of the first tablet cases to feature a shoulder strap. Want more? Read the whole story.

Target: Everyone and everywhere
Models: All Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 & Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
Price: from $12.95 to $19.95


Gift a Rugged Best Seller




Bam Bino Hero rugged case

Bam Bino Hero Rugged Case

The Hero was Bam Bino's second product launched shortly after the Box. It built on the idea of using a durable EVA frame for protecting the iPad.

The Hero also added a large handle that's easy to hold with smaller hands. It's also practical for people with limited motor skills and disabilities. Grandparents will love it too.

Two fold-out legs open in the back for a stand. They are very stable. The case is hard to tip over.

The final piece is the shoulder strap. It's easy to carry without your hands. Perfect for kids on road trips and grandparents shuffling around at home.

Target: Children, Grandparents
Models: iPad mini 4, 3, 2, 1, iPad (6th generation), iPad (5th generation), iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1
Price: $17.95


Gift a Rugged Superhero




Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case

Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case

The Dynamo was one of the first products Cooper Cases launched back in 2012. It remains the company's best seller.

An original Cooper Cases design, it's success lead to many copies sold on Amazon. It's now dubbed as the Official Cooper Dynamo case to avoid any confusion that it was there first.

The Dynamo's popularity is it's super simple construction. It uses EVA foam casing to absorb impact. It works as a barrier between your child’s wild exploration and you having a heart attack.

It’s great for all ages. Your two-year-old can use it as a teething toy thanks to non-toxic, certified safe EVA foam material. Your five-year-old can play daddy, swinging it like a briefcase by the handle.

It even has the power to enchant grandparents. It's a neat tablet cover to pass around at home.

The large handle doubles as a stand. Turn it to stand your tablet in movie mode, or rotate for ideal drawing angle.

Target: Children, Grandparents, Home
Models: All Apple iPad and most Samsung Galaxy Tabs
Price: from $13.95 to $24.95


Gift the Official Cooper Dynamo




Bam Bino Rhino Super Rugged Kids Case

Bam Bino Rhino Super Rugged Kids Case

It's Not a Case. It's a Space Suit! That's the new Bam Bino Rhino case.

Bam Bino Cases took all their and bundled it into a super case. The Rhino is the most rugged case we sell in our store. At Tablet2Cases, we call it the Otterbox for kids. It's sturdy, has a shoulder strap, and costs a fraction of an Otterbox case.

Its stand-out feature is the built-in screen guard. Once in the case, your tablet will resemble a spaceman wearing a spacesuit. Ready for anything you can throw at it.

Read the full story on the making of Bam Bino Rhino.

Target: Everyone including Kids, Parents, Grandparents, Home
Models: Most iPad models, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019), Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5
Price: $19.95


Gift a Space Suit




Pure Sense Buddy Antibacterial Kids Case

Pure Sense Buddy Anti-Microbial Rugged Kids Case

Meet the granddaddy of all kids cases - the Buddy by Pure Sense Cases.

Building on the Cooper Dynamo case design, Pure Sense went further. Buddy protects not only your iPad but also your child.

It's the world's first anti-bacterial tablet case for kids. It's infused with antimicrobial particles provided by UK-based Steritouch. Based on silver ions, they work to repel bacteria.

The soft foamy exterior makes it ultra-protective. Carry it around with a handy shoulder strap. Or use the multi-purpose handle that also turns into a stand at two different angles.

Buddy is completely non-toxic. It passed even the most rigorous toxicity tests. Your child and your tablet will both be safe.

The box set also includes a screen cleaning spray with a microfiber cloth. When the screen gets dirty (and it will), apply the spray to clean it.

In the end, it's not just a tablet case. It's a protective kit. It will be a big hit once placed under a Christmas tree.

Target: Children, Parents, Home
Models: All Apple iPad and most Samsung Galaxy Tabs
Price: from $29.95 to $34.95


Gift the Grandaddy of All Kids Cases

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