Phoket Dots the Xs on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet Sleeve

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Phoket treats Google Nexuses to a great-looking tablet sleeve – Dotted X. The case is available for both editions of the ultra-popular 7 inch tablet device. The sleeve is handcrafted from premium wool felt tablet cases and sports a dotted, highly-recognizable Google “X” logo colored in their official shades. The thick nature of the felt ensures the case is well-shielded against daily dangers. The tight fit means the tablet won’t slip out accidentally.

About Phoket:
Sabine has been wanting to have her own little craft business since a long time so in 2013 she finally founded Amber Sea Crafts - the name was derived from the area where she lived - Latvia, a small, but creative country by the Baltic Sea. It was later renamed to Phocket (a phone...and a pocket).

Sabine was joined by her husband Armands, a professional photographer, to add more creativeness in the designs and help organizing the business.

Their common aim is to deliver a beautiful, simple and austere high quality product which would be practical at the same time.

No-frills tablet sleeve for either Google Nexus 7 models made from premium felt and featuring the “X” logo – Phoket Dotted X

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