The iPad Air Gets a Hamburg Home With a New Folio from KAVAJ

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Hamburg from KAVAJ is a beautiful folio tablet case made entirely from top-notch genuine leather. The iPad Air case boasts a very slim and light body, but offers decent impact protection on top of luxurious looks. All ports and buttons are within seconds’ reach and the screen is protected from scratching by soft flannel lining. There’s a built-in integrated stand feature with grooves offering perfect stability at any angle. The magnets, embedded into the cover, activate the auto sleep/wake functionality.

When we started KAVAJ, we didn’t know how to make an iPad case. We just knew that we couldn’t find one we liked for our own, original first-release iPad. We looked far and wide, too. They were either ugly (covering up the iPad’s natural beauty), huge (hiding the iPad’s slim, sleek body) or cumbersome (going against the iPad’s extreme ease of use). So, we decided we’d have to make the right case ourselves. It’s how some of the best companies were started, right? The problem was, we had never been in business before, either.

We were both employees of in Germany, so we knew a little bit about e-commerce. But we had no entrepreneurial experience. But we knew what we wanted. We knew the kinds of cases we wanted to make. And, most importantly, we knew how we liked to be treated by companies we bought from ourselves.

Genuine leather tablet folio case with integrated stand and auto sleep/wake functionality – KAVAJ Hamburg

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