Azbukka Interwove Wood to Keep the iPads Safe inside the Woo

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The Woo from Azbukka is a peculiar tablet sleeve available in several sizes to fit any Apple tablet device. The case is crafted from small wooden parts, which are connected together with interwoven elastic material. The case not only delivers highly unusual looks, but provides decent protection to the tablet inside. On the inside of the sleeve, the elastic material acts as a scratch protector. The case also doubles up as an integrated stand and a one-hand-use pad, thanks to its four corner elastic straps.

About Azbukka:
Azbukka has been started as collaboration between left and right brain sides – two people with different types of thinking but the same attitude and pleasure of working together.

We were excited about the process and the final result of creating our first objects – tablet cases. Now we are eager to develop further designs and introduce them to our customers in the near future.

As for a small label it is important for us to be meticulous and conscious regarding every aspect of our business starting from unique design, responsible material sourcing, great quality of our goods and finishing with excellent customer experience for people dealing with Azbukka.

Highly unusual design with wooden parts held together by an elastic material – Azbukka Woo

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