Top 5 Best iPad Mini Waterproof Cases

  • The Joy Factory BubbleShield
  • Armor-X U3X
  • Cooper Voda
  • Cascade Designs iPad Case
  • LifeProof Nuud

Shielding the iPad Mini family from harm has been made easy by thousands of case out there. However, most manufacturers are focusing on impact and drop protection, mixing durability capabilities with functional benefits. Few cases on the market provide water proofing features, something outdoorsy iPad Mini owners are constantly looking for. This selection of top 5 best iPad Mini waterproof cases will shed light on the most popular options available for the “small” Cupertino wonder.

5. The Joy Factory BubbleShield

One of the simplest waterproof tablet cases for the iPad Minis is the BubbleShield from The Joy Factory. Extremely easy-to-use, the case provides excellent protection from water damage whenever the iPad Mini requires it. The case comes with a double zip-lock, ensures no splashes or drops enter the sleeve to damage the precious technological wonder. At the same time the case retains full touch sensitivity allowing access to all functions. A large holder ring allows the case to be attached to just about anything using a variety of locking mechanisms.

Buy it now from The Joy Factory for $19.95

Simple tablet waterproof case with a double zip-lock and a large holder ring – The Joy Factory BubbleShield

4. Armor-X U3X

Looking for something heavier than plain waterproofing? The U3X rugged tablet case from Armor-X is just the thing. The case not only comes with great waterproof features up to IPX-8 standards, but also provides excellent impact and bump protection. Compatible with the maker’s Xmount, the case can be used in a variety of environments thanks to a wide choice of 20+ mounts for different purposes. The integrated screen protector keeps the display intact and safe from water, but allows full access to its functions.

Buy it now from Armor-X for $62.90

Full-blown impact and waterproof protection and compatibility with Xmount further enhancing the case’s use – Armor-X U3X

3. Cooper Voda

Besides protection from dust, debris, and water, the Voda from Cooper offers a comfy way to carry it around. The case is delivered with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. The scratch and water-resistant polyurethane material maintains the screen’s touch sensitivity keeping the tablet’s function fully accessible. The case’s air-tightness is ensured by rotating dial locks, which prevent any drops of water from coming through. Fits the iPad Minis and a wide range of similarly sized devices.

Buy it now for $19.95

Air-tight waterproof tablet case with a removable shoulder strap compatible with the iPad Minis and other tablets – Cooper Voda

2. Cascade Designs iPad Case

The iPad Case from Cascade Designs delivers IPX-7 waterproofing capabilities, meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The case is sealed with a 1-step waterproof SealLock, while rugged RF-welded seams ensure water doesn’t get through. UV-resistant material ensures full access to the touch sensitive screen without the use of harmful PVC.

Buy it now from Cascade Designs for $29.95

IPX-7 protection in a UV-resistant material with full access to touch sensitive screen – Cascade Designs iPad Case

1. LifeProof Nuud

The Nuud from LifeProof is arguable the best waterproof tablet case available on the market. Combining impact protection with safety from the damaging elements, the case is an all-in-one protective solution. The most amazing feature of the case is its screen-less design, allowing direct access to device’s display. The case comes with dynamic speaker port offering the crisp and clear sounds. It keeps its water-proof capabilities even when the headphones are jacked in. Despite its great features and capabilities, the case remains ultra-light and thin.

Buy it now from LifeProof for $119.99

Ultimate impact protection and waterproofing with direct access to screen and headphone jack – LifeProof Nuud
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