Trident Aegis Nook Color / Nook Tablet Rugged Shell review


Zeus wore an Aegis, so why not your tablet? After all, the Kindle Keyboard may seemingly be the all-mighty ruler of your own personal world. The Aegis by Trident Case is a durable tablet shell that offers the Kindle Keyboard rugged-style protection in everyday situations.

Editor's Rating 

Although powerful, Zeus never had control over The Fates and Destiny, which may explain why he wore the aegis, a protective shield made of goatskin. Whether or not you believe in mythology and/or fate, you should certainly accept the fact that your Nook Color or Nook Tablet is destined to encounter mishaps and harmful elements along the way. The Aegis is not made of goatskin (yes, such cases do exist), rather it is a two-piece design consists of a silicone inner-sleeve and a plastic outer-shell, which combine to protect the device against shocks, abrasions, dirt, dust, moisture, and liquid spills. The four corners of the silicone insulate are twice as thick, which provide extra bounce and forgiveness for your gadget to survive accidental drops as well. Although fate might dictate otherwise, drops might not be much of a concern due to the contoured backside that matches your hand for a more comfortable and secure hold. The Aegis maintains access to the device’s buttons, audio-jack, USB port and microSD card slot. The package also includes an audio-jack extender that is compatible with all 3.5mm types for connecting the device to car audio cords, home stereo systems, and more. Complimenting the design for protection, the case incorporates covers for the buttons, plugs for port/audio-jack, and dust-filters for the speakers, keeping all of them safe from dirt, debris and moisture. And just when you think this design is enough to satisfy your needs for protection, the case also comes with a self-applicable scratch/smudge-resistant screen protector (cleaning/installation kit and instructions included).


  • Double-thick silicone insulate for drop protection
  • Included screen protector

          Overall: GOOD

          Although its name is inspired by classical mythology, you can certainly believe in the great protection and function that the Aegis provides, as well as trust the excellent quality you’ll get from the Trident Case brand.


          • Exclusive design to fit the Nook Color or Nook Tablet
          • Three layers of protection
          • Outer plastic shell and inner silicon sleeve
          • Included screen protector
          • Access to all buttons and ports
          • Anti-slip pads for improved grip


                        Tablet B&N Nook Color, B&N Nook Tablet
                        Style Shell, Rugged & Tough
                        Brand Trident Case
                        Function Mens, School
                        Price Budget $1 - $39
                        Exterior Material Plastic
                        Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Rugged/Tough


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