Things You Didn’t Know About the Newest iPad Pro

4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Newest iPad Pro

In March, Apple released a new version of their iPad Pro tablet series. The first version released in 2015, sold more than 2 million units in its first quarter, beating out the Surface Pro in sales. While the new Pro has many of the same features as the old version, there are upgrades. So what do you need to know before buying the new iPad Pro?



It’s Brighter and Less Reflective

The new iPad Pro is 25 percent brighter than other iPads while being less reflective. It includes a new feature called “NightShift”, which changes the color on the tablet based on the location and time of day. TrueTone allows the iPad to change how the display looks under different light. This means it is easier to read the tablet in direct sunlight and at night. 



It’s Smaller 

The last Pro model featured a 12.9” screen that was hard to carry around and bulky. The new Pro is more portable, coming in at 9.7”, more than 3’’ smaller than the previous version. The new size makes it more portable, as it is lighter and fits more easily into purses and other bags. 



It has a Better Camera

A 12 megapixel (MP) camera will replace the 8 MP camera of the old iPad Pro, with an added 5MP HD front camera perfect for Facetime. The new camera will also allow for Live Photos and feature True Tone flash. 4K video recording capabilities also exist allowing amateur videographers to record HD video.




It Supports an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

Accessory enthusiasts will love that the new Pro supports both an Apple Pencil and smart keyboard. These two features essentially give the tablet the functionality of a laptop, while costing far less. Use the pencil to write notes, create works of art and use your apps in new and exciting ways. The smart keyboard connects via a smart connector, allowing the user to access a full QWERTY keyboard that is compact and portable. 



Sound like the tablet for you? The new iPad Pro comes in 4 colors silver, gold, space gray and rose gold and costs $599. It will also feature a USB cable and SD card reader. 
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