Cooper Clef Note Universal Tablet Speaker Dock


‘Can’t get no satisfaction’ from your tablet’s pitch? The Cooper Clef Note speaker dock features two large speakers for amplifying your device’s sound quality to whole other level. Fit any sized tablet and ‘pump up the volume‘… the sturdy aluminum construction will surely be able to handle all those ‘good vibrations‘!

Editor's Rating 

The Cooper Clef Note speaker dock is not only a great accessory for music lovers, but a welcome solution for movie buffs who seek sound enhancement as well. The one foreseeable drawback to consider is that the collapsible kick-stand really only offers one viewing display angle. The aluminum design can hold any tablet size, and includes a cable that plugs into the device’s audio-jack for running its sound through the stand speakers. The iPad connects via the built-in, collapsible docking port. What about landscape format, you ask? Well, even though the table surface will muzzle sound from one speaker, it is possible to lay the Cooper Clef Note on its side for watching videos. For all other tablets, the docking port for iPad folds down, and an extra included USB cable will sync the device. Toting the stand by its integrated handle may not be as trouble-free as it is for iPad owners, but other brand tablet users will surely find it is much easier for them to flip their device between landscape and portrait formats.


  • Fits any 7" to 11" sized tablet
  • Solid, sturdy aluminum construction

Overall: Good

    • Our apologies for all the silly puns. But one more for good measure… Can you ‘imagine’ a better solution for rocking-out with your tablet out? We surely can’t!


      • Works with any brand tablet 7" to 11" in size
      • Direct plug in docking port for Apple iPad 2/3
      • Included cable for syncing Android tablets
      • Solid, sturdy aluminum design
      • Built-in speakers for enhanced sound quality
      • Access to side buttons and controls on the tablet


                                          Style Dock
                                          Brand Cooper Cases
                                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                                          Exterior Material  Aluminum
                                          Features Builtin Speakers ,Handles ,Stand Feature


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