Go Viral with These Crazy Tablet Experiments

ipad test youtube crazy experiments

How many viral videos on Youtube have you watched with people pulling crazy stunts or doing wild experiments? If you are like me, then it’s a lot! I mean, have you seen the Ultimate 100 Coats of Things video? These videos are not only interesting but usually fun and definitely a little out there.

 So how can you go viral with your next Youtube video? Well, if you’re willing to put your tablet at risk, it can be doing one of these crazy tablet experiments!


Shoot your tablet with paintballs!

ipad test youtube crazy experiments slow mo guys

Yes, I actually said paintballs. The Slow Mo Guys have garnered more than 14 million views on their video testing the Thinkpad’s durability against a paintball gun. During the experiment, two men set out to prove the tablet could withstand being shot by a paintball.

One held the tablet and the other shot at it. After the carnage was over, they tried to turn the tablet on and off and played Angry Birds. If you think your tablet, or its case is up to the challenge, give it a try!



Find out if it blends!

ipad test youtube crazy experiments blend it

Blendtec, a company that manufacturers blenders, put an iPad through a lot of stress just to see if they could blend it. SPOILER ALERT! It did in fact blend. We suggest only doing this if your tablet is already broken, as this experiment will ruin your device. However, it could be worth it. Will it Blend has more than 18 million views. 



Cover it in random things and then drop it!

ipad test youtube crazy experiments gizmoslip

GizmoSlip is a Youtube channel that is famous for covering tablets, phones and other tech devices in things like bouncy balls and cement. They then drop the device from a 100 foot building to see if whatever they covered it in protects the device.

They have tried everything from duct tape to the world’s largest gummy worm and garnered millions of subscribers. If you want to try it start with something that did work, a ton of boxes of Peeps! Don’t believe me? Watch the video.



These are just three examples of crazy, and yes dangerous experiments you can do with your tablet on Youtube! Try one of these or something you came up with yourself and create a fun video. If you’re lucky you could go viral. You just have to decide, is the risk worth the reward?

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