5 Brilliant Ways to Look Professional at Any Business Presentation


Looking professional is no longer just about your suit and tie. When you walk into a business meeting you should make sure not just your appearance is polished. Your devices should be well suited for every meeting as well. Check out five tablet cases that will up your presentation game and give you the added layer of professionalism you need. Each of the following cases can be used as a stand and range in price from $15 to $65.



Cooper Diplomat Universal Rotating Portfolio Case

The cheapest case of the bunch, the diplomat offers four color choices subtle enough to fit into any professional setting. It can stand at 15 or 65 degrees and fits all 7-8 inch and 9-10 inch tablets. It has an A4 slip in pocket and card holder slots to store credit and ID card with ease. It costs $14.95 and features an elastic strap closure.





Price from $14.95



Cooper Touchpad Executive Bluetooth Keyboard Folio

Love your tablet, but wish you could do more than just surf the Internet on it? Well the Touchpad Executive grants your wish. It comes with a fully functioning bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to create presentations, answer emails and do other work related tasks. The keyboard is removable and the case features a kickstand, giving the tablet a laptop like feel. It comes in three colors and costs only $29.95.

Bluetooth Keyboard case business presentation




Price from $29.95



Uniq Transforma Folio Case for Apple iPad Mini 4

This case, designed exclusively for the iPad Mini 4, features a unique portrait standing mode and multiple landscape standing angles. It comes in two colors and is made from premium vegan leather. It has a magnetic closure and is a great value at only $44.95.

uniqiq Transforma Case iPad business presentation




Price $44.95



Uniq Transforma Heritage Folio Case
for Apple iPad Pro & iPad Mini 4

Much like its iPad Mini counterpart the Transforma Heritage, is made of vegan leather. You can choose between two colors, black and brown and two sizes iPad Pro or iPad Mini 4. It folds at the back and can be positioned both landscape and portrait style. The case is also equipped with an Apple Pencil holder. The Mini version costs $44.95 while the Pro version is more expensive at $59.95.

 Uniq Transforma Heritage Case iPad business presentation




Price $59.95



Incase Book Jacket Folio Case
for Apple iPad Air 2

The last and most expensive case on the list was created to fit the iPad Air 2. It is made of faux leather, features a magnetic lock and is minimalistic in design. It has a built in automatic wake and sleep function when closed or opened and is water repellent and scratch resistant. You can stand the case in multiple angles for various viewing perspectives. This case costs $64.95 and comes in black. 

Incase Book Jacket Case iPad business presentation




Price $65.45



No matter what your budget there is a tablet case solution right for you. Order your favorite today and take your professionalism to the next level. 


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