Top 5 Tablet Cases for Reading on an iPad

How to turn your iPad into a library

Edmund Wilson once said, “No two persons ever read the same book.” With the invention of tablets, this quote is even more true. Tablets make books more convenient to read, especially at night as the screen lights up. Readers need to protect their tablets with a case that is lightweight and provides a comfortable angle for reading. They can do that with these iPad cases perfect for readers.


Brenthaven Collins Folio Case for Apple iPads


The Brenthaven Collins case is a classy and very handy folio dedicated to iPad Mini and iPad Air. Its simple design and lightweight structure make it easy to carry while you travel. The cover folds back and acts as a dual-angled stand for easy reading while in landscape mode when open. It features a strap to secure the tablet to your hand while in use. When not in use a stylish buckle flap keeps it neatly tucked away.




Incase Book Jacket Classic Folio Case
for Apple iPad Air/Air2




The Incase Book Jacket Classic case may be the perfect folio as it truly aims to be nothing more. It comes with a faux leather finish and magnetic closure. The folio turns into a stand for easy reading in landscape mode and features an automatic sleep and wake feature. It is created exclusively for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It is lightweight and can easily be taken on the go for reading while on vacation or at an appointment.




Agent18 Flipshield Folio Case for iPad Air 2

The Agent18 Flipshield case can show off your color personalities with one of the most eye-catching iPad cases out there. It comes in two chic designs to match any mood and personality type. The case is made of hard plastic and offers two different angles, one for typing and one for viewing. It also includes an auto wake/sleep function so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off each time you want to use it.




ZooGue Prodigy Elite Apple iPad Folio

ZooGue offers iPad Air and iPad Mini owners one of the most reliable and valuable case stands in their Case Prodigy Elite folio. Its magnetic kickstand feature folds out easily and supports a full-range of display angles for both typing and viewing modes. The quality of the case is marvelous and offers trustworthy screen protection while allowing full camera and button access when the tablet is in use.




Cooper Diplomat Universal Rotating Portfolio Case

The Cooper Diplomat is a lovely portfolio case which fits subtly into any professional or private setting. Beauty aside this case is a sturdy portfolio that can store any papers, documents, notes or cards in. The stand adjusts to 15 degrees or 65 degrees allowing the tablet to be used while sitting or standing. It can be used in landscape and portrait mode to match anyone’s preferred reading style.




Cooper Embrace Universal 6'' eReader Tablet Folio Case

This is one great case many e-reader tablet users will want to embrace! The Cooper Embrace is universally-designed for 6" devices and includes multiple features that allow more ergonomic and comfortable ways to deploy your electronic gadget and also keep other essential personal items within easy reach. Additionally, durable resistant materials have been employed to keep things lightweight, well-protected and looking professionally neat.




View these and many more tablet cases perfect for reading at our online store.

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