Take a Stroll on a Catwalk with Gucci iPad Case

  • Gucci iPad Case

Gucci iPad Case is a perfect example of a tablet designer case made from genuine leather. Currently the demand for luxury tablet cases is on the rise, with every self-respecting designer having its own view on how a good iPad case should look like. Gucci is no exception, as it sets out to grab a piece of the luxury market with its very own iPad Case.

The Gucci iPad case is quite simple when it comes to design. Essentially it’s a tablet sleeve with a locking system, which holds the pad firmly inside, preventing it from slipping out. The case naturally features famous Gucci signature monogram pattern all over it.

The sleeve is made of high-quality genuine leather and comes in blue, yellow, red and brown colors. The new case is a perfect solution for fashion-conscious iPad owners, who are looking for a simple, yet stylish protection for their precious devices.

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