iPad 2 goes Hunting with HunterWanderer Case from Pipetto

  • HunterWanderer iPad 2 case from Pipetto
  • HunterWanderer iPad 2 case from Pipetto review
  • HunterWanderer iPad 2 case from Pipetto screenshot
  • iPad 2 HunterWanderer case from Pipetto

Pipetto HunterWanderer luxury tablet case for iPad 2 that combines style with functionality. This book tablet case is made from British cotton and Italian leather. The handmade tablet case protects the tablet from bumps and shocks, while offering great functionality.

The case cover features built-in magnets, that put the iPad to sleep when the cover is closed. The cover also doubles up as a tablet stand offering six different angels, perfect for typing or viewing multimedia.

The case comes with a leather handle , simplifying the case carrying. It can also acts as a car headrest mount . The cover of the case is detailed in traditional tartan lining, offering both classy looks and extra padding for increased protection. All buttons and ports can be accessed freely with the case on the pad. The case also features a pocket on the back side, perfect for storing smaller accessories. The case comes in forest green and navy colors.

The price for this item is £99.99.

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