Nuo Brakes the Mold With the New Sleeve for iPad

  • Nuo Molded Sleeve for iPad
  • Nuo Molded Sleeve for iPad review
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Nuo Molded Sleeve for iPad is an attractive envelope tablet case made of unique materials. The Metric 66 material is coupled with moldable technology to bring Apple iPad and iPad 2 owners ultra-thin, yet highly durable protection. The one-of-a-kind material is lightweight and breathable utilizing the latest technology to guard the pad from damage.

The best feature of the new case is its checkpoint-friendliness. You won’t have to take the iPad out of the case at the airport. This option saves both time and your precious nerves. The exterior material is not only lightweight and super strong, it’s also completely free of any harmful substances.

The ultra-soft polyester material on the inside will keep all smudges and scratches away from the tablet. The case can fit both the iPad and iPad 2 even with the Smart Cover attached to the pad. Velcro closure system will keep the case shut and prevent the tablet inside from slipping out.

The price for this item is $25.

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